National Council on Aging

It is clear that older adults are at the highest risk for complications and death from COVID-19. Community-based organizations and charitable nonprofit organizations that offer vital services to older adults are struggling under increased demand and changes to their work environments forced by the outbreak.

Congress can save lives by acting quickly on legislation already under consideration.

Tell Congress this national emergency demands more support and protections for older adults and the organizations that support them.

Contact your Representatives and Senators today and tell them to add these four things to any COVID-19 relief bills:

Give additional resources to Older Americans Act programs and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program so more older adults have food, in-home services, and caregiver support.

Make it easier to use Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services so vulnerable older adults can get the care they need at home.

Make essential health care and prescription drugs more affordable for low-income Medicare beneficiaries by increasing premium assistance and cost sharing.

Help nonprofit charitable organizations maintain operations by providing additional support.

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