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I took my puppies to the Jersey Mikes at the Von’s shopping center at the corner of Telephone and Victoria today. We planned to share the sunny day using the outdoor table and chairs. I forgot that all of the tables and chairs there, including the ones under the newly installed pergolas have been removed They have replaced with armed guards because our police are letting demented and drugged vagrants are using the parking lot as their private preserve.

A friend of mine was menaced there one night. A vagrant pounded on his car window looking for a hand out.

At the shop that I have had my hair cut for years, I was told that the workers there are afraid to park behind the shop if there are people hanging out. One told me her husband asks her to confirm her safe arrival if she has to go to work after dark.

One of the guards kindly gave a contact and phone number to call the landlord. They told me the guards are necessary because our police fail to respond to complaints.

Sheldon, this is serious and I’m happy to have a local paper like yours on the job.

Thanks Steve Hurst

The Breeze sent this on to the Ventura Police Department that contacted Steve. We received this from Steve. This is what a local paper is all about.


I did receive a phone call from a police officer named Arroyo.  He was aware of the problem and assured me the police have responded to numerous complaints sent to them.  It was a reassuring conversation that showed exemplary concern.

Thank you for contacting the authorities. What would you suggest we do next?  Perhaps you could contact the landlord and suggest they replace the seating in the pergolas. Perhaps the tenants should express their concern to the landlord individually, thanking them for the extra security coverage that has been provided.

I would be happy if you publish my original letter, your response and my satisfaction with the police response. That way the public will know what has happened rather than keeping the affair behind closed doors.

Thank you again for working on this.  This is how journalism is supposed to work.

Best Wishes, Steve Hurst

Friends of CAPS

Last evening (few weeks ago) the Ventura City Council unanimously approved an agreement that will allow CAPS Media to continue to serve the Ventura community for five years.

All of us at CAPS are extremely appreciative to everyone who expressed their support in letters, emails, videos and personal appeals to the City. The overwhelming expressions of appreciation were instrumental in demonstrating CAPS’ value to the community and securing the contract.

Thank you all for your tremendous support.

Patrick – echoing the sentiments of the Staff, Members and Board of Directors

Patrick Davidson Executive Director CAPS Media

Dear Sheldon,

Thank you for allowing me to write for the Ventura Breeze.

Its been a pleasure writing articles for over seven years. I’m also happy/pleased that you focus on articles that are positive along with highlighting community events and organizations. May the paper continue to be a beacon of hope within Ventura.

Thank you!,

Carol Leish


I have heard a lot about Ventura suing Ojai Valley residents regarding their use of water in the Ventura River Watershed.  I have heard a lot about the over $4 million dollars of tax money they have spent, so far, to do this.  I have heard a lot of pleas from the city asking me to restrict my water usage since we are running low.  

What I have heard nothing about is why the city keeps issuing building permits so monstrosities like the one being built on the bluffs overlooking Highway 101 can be erected.  How much water is being used to build it?  How much water will the residents use in the future if anyone can afford the rent there?  

These conflicting messages are coming from a muddled City Hall and Council headed by Mayor Matt LaVere who now wants to be a County Supervisor?  Why?  So he can do the same kind “planning” on a countywide basis?  

We can do better as a city by replacing all of the current City Council and voting for a write-in candidate named Trevor Quirk.    


John Darling

John: Be honest, what do you think of our City Council? What are Trevor’s qualifications?

I’d rather risk an ugly surprise than rely on things I know I can do.
~ Helen Frankenthaler


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