Vol. 13, No. 9 – Jan 29 – Feb 11, 2020 – Mailbox


Dear Editor:

Just got a new twist on old scam. Now the caller asks if I know someone named, and they name one of my grandsons. I never give any info. I know all these calls are scams, especially when they call an old lady. Lucky for me, I’m old, but not dumb.

Please pass this info on to your elderly audience.

Esther Cole

Hello Sheldon,

I am just now reading the Wednesday edition and your Editors columns.

If the strange helicopters were from the “Government”, they would have been a shiny black with black tinted windows.

I think the signing of documents in cursive is dying because with the evolution of mankind and his opposable thumbs all that is needed to write a note are two thumbs.  (Who said evolution was the Devil’s work?)

I don’t think we need worry about future generations learning how to communicate in cursive, by the time handwriting becomes a dead art the Robots will do all the communicating.

Writing of Homelessness, we both attended a grand opening of a shelter down near the harbor a couple of years ago.  The shelters were made by Tuff Shed.  I have noticed for several years a large chunk of deserted land along Harbor Blvd. that looks like it was intended for family dwellings.  The land has remained unused and would be a very nice location for a county homeless shelter for hundreds of homeless.  But, only if they elected to use the shelter.
The land is about 4.3 miles South/Southeast of our Harbor, on the Eastern side of Harbor Blvd.

Michael Gordon

Note: Michael is a contributing photographer to the Ventura Breeze

Ventura Breeze

It’s my understanding that none of the Republicans will stand up to Trump because they are fearful of losing their House or Senate seat!

I have the solution! All those with gonads or kahunas’ should band together and not only convict Trump, But remove him from office! They will save their jobs as there will no longer be a Trump threat, and would also restore the Republican Party to a saner place.

My political savvy friend, Trish Parker, has the perfect winning ticket for the Dems; Biden for President and Obama for Vice- President. Can you imagine the Republicans reaction? They would all be apoplectic! Speechless! Dumbstruck!

Could someone please contact Obama and persuade him to return to DC for just 4 years?

Judith A. Beay Ventura

The Trump impeachment train is running out of stream

The manic cry’s for a vote to impeach President Donald Trump in December have morphed into the stem winding speeches of January in a mind numbing impeachment trial in the US Senate. As eloquent as the house team can reach is isn’t enough to rise to the level of so called “high crimes.” Even if all the Democrat team has alleged was true it is still without the foundation of legal fact to throw out a sitting president. Still, the trial goes on, inching towards its inevitable outcome. The President will be exonerated and the Democrats will charge a cover up. It will be a talking point for the rest of the year. The impeachment has and will fail like a steam engine lacking coal—it will slow and go no where. While the Congress is locked into this sham trial, President Trump is still acting in the best interests of the American People.

Richard Senate

Each morning I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy and I’m going to be happy today.
~ Groucho Marx

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