Audubon events

Feb 1, 8:00 a.m., Restoration Work Day, Hedrick Ranch Nature Area, Leader: Sandy Hedrick (805) 340-0478

Arrive at 8:00 for self-guided birding which usually yields some interesting birds. Restoration work from 9am – noon. Long pants and boots or closed shoes are required. Bring water, gloves & sun protection.

Feb 8, 8:30 a.m., Soule Park, Leader: David Wappler (805) 620-2676 / Adele Fergusson 805-415-4304

Situated in east Ojai, this large park offers grasslands, large deciduous trees and riparian habitat that bring out winter feeding flocks of sparrows, bluebirds, & warblers and year-round habitat for thrashers, woodpeckers, raptors and more. A section of Thatcher Creek that serves as the north border of the park will be enjoyed. Join us for an easy, flat walk around one of our most scenic birding spots.

Feb 11, 7:30 p.m., Ventura Audubon Society Monthly Program at the Poinsettia Pavilion – 3451 Foothill Road, Ventura (Free to the Public): The Salton Sea Update. Speaker: Andrea Jones, Director of Bird Conservation for Audubon California

To learn more about the threats facing the Salton Sea, as well as about efforts that have and are currently being taken to conserve it, come hear Andrea Jones’ talk. Andrea will highlight why the Salton Sea is critically important to over 400 species of birds, describe which of those species are most threatened, and explain how Audubon is engaging in new solutions that will benefit both birds and people.

Feb 15, 9 a.m., Ventura Settling Ponds, Leader: Frank DeMartino / Adele Fergusson (805) 415-4304

Enjoy a morning of mostly waterfowl birding with gulls, terns, ducks, herons, grebes, and even warblers. Spotting scopes are always welcome. Entrance at the corner of Spinnaker Drive and Angler Court off Harbor Blvd.

Feb 22, 8 a.m., Emma Wood State Beach, Leader: Tevin Schmitt (661) 904-1563

At the entrance to Emma Wood State Beach, we will be searching the scrub for sparrows and warblers. We will follow the path that leads through the willow forest (often finding wrentits and other secretive birds here) and finally across the sand dunes to the Ventura River Estuary. The estuary is always an exciting place to bird, and target birds will include: Snowy, Black-bellied and Semipalmated Plovers, Willet, Whimbrel, Black Turnstone, Red-necked Phalarope and Forster’s Tern. There will be a fair amount of walking, so please dress appropriately in layers and comfortable shoes.

Please do not leave valuables in your car, and be sure to lock your vehicle.

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