The Ventura County Family Justice Center is a welcoming community

Ribbon cutting held for Family Justice Center. Photo by Michael Gordon

A Ventura Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting was held for the Ventura County Family Justice Center, located at 3170 Loma Vista Rd. in Ventura. All too often, those facing violence or abuse suffer in silence as fear, confusion and lack of access discourage them from getting much-needed help and support.

Ventura County FJC simplifies this overwhelming process by providing a caring, safe environment where victims and their families can access the comprehensive resources they need to recover, heal and break the cycle of violence. All Ventura County FJC services are offered free of charge.

The mission of the Center is to support and improve the lives of those impacted by family violence and trauma. Together, as a team of more than 35 agencies and 120 volunteers dedicated to a shared, vital cause, they help to reduce trauma, eliminate repeat victimization, mitigate future risks and make a lasting, positive difference in countless lives. Through their welcoming community and comprehensive, holistic services that focus on the whole person, Ventura County FJC empowers and supports survivors of all ages and their families.

Their collaborative approach creates a safe space where the use of strength-based practices are used to end abuse and exploitation, pursue justice, and create pathways to hope.

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