Family activities for fun and good health

Being physically active with your family is a great way to stay healthy and make exercise fun. And being physically active can be more fun when you’re with someone you love.

Whether you play team sports with the entire family or take brisk walks with your spouse, child, or grandchild, you’ll be rewarded with improved health and time spent together.

Grandparents and grandchildren playing basketball together and smiling

Family gatherings are the perfect time for team sports and outdoor activities.

Choose teams for softball, basketball, or kickball.

Sign up for family tournaments to play tennis, bowling, or volleyball.

Go biking, jogging, or hiking at a nearby park.

If you live near water, try sailing, canoeing, or rafting.

Family members can make great exercise buddies.

Take yoga or water aerobics classes.

Ping pong is fun for a twosome or a foursome.

Our pets are family, too! Brisk walks with a canine buddy are healthy for both of you.

Be Active with Your Grandchildren!

Build a healthy lifestyle that includes your grandchildren. Start being active together when your grandchildren are young. Pretty soon, it will be a regular part of your life and theirs! Go4Life has activity ideas for children of all ages:

Infants and Toddlers

  • Take them for walks in the stroller and rides on your bike. Don’t forget your helmets.
  • Play games that get your bodies moving—Wheels on the Bus, Pretend We’re Animals, and Hide-and-Seek.
  • Sign up for baby yoga or exercise classes.
  • Try baby-friendly swimming classes.

School-Aged Children

  • Walk to the park and push their swing.
  • Jump rope together.
  • Build a fort—indoors or out.
  • Play catch, kickball, basketball, or soccer.
  • Go swimming or biking together.
  • Play a video fitness game together and see who wins!

Teens and Young Adults

  • Participate in activities that interest them. Try hiking, skating, or tennis.
  • Go golfing or swimming. Invite them to join you in physical activities that require two people, such as tennis or ping pong.
  • Ask them to help you in the garden or with heavy-duty household chores.
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