A walk in Ventura

A poem by Shakti Dutt

Walking under the big bright ball
where little black ants march like soldiers
making their way through the burnt maple leaves
yellow, red and green.

The swift wind takes away all my worries
fills my lungs with joy
The freshness clears my mind giving me chills,
leaving behind a smile.

Hummingbirds sing and fly around in a hurry
the palm leaves whisper,
the sound of the city life surrounds my ears
I listen more with my closed eyes.

Looking up
the sun is going to sleep
leaving the clouds pink
The crows are talking
time to get back to the trees,
their home.

Looking back at the beauty of Ventura
My home
A loving home.

Built next to the mysterious ocean
It opened its arms to me, to my family

The friendly faces,
the despondent faces,
their eyes telling a story greater than my own beliefs.

My heart is in Ventura.

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