Vol. 13, No. 7 – Jan 1 – Jan 14, 2020 – Harbor Patrol Blotter


9:00pm, received a report of an overdue boater out hoop netting. Officers responded by land and water and were able to locate the kayaker safe at the L/R.


9:50pm, received a report of blinding lights from a fishing vessel at the fish off loading pier. Officers responded and found the light source and secured it.


6:30pm, the 2019 Parade of Lights begins with Tow Boat US leading.

8:00pm, fireworks launched from Harbor Cove beach for the parade.


7:00am, Beach Hazard Assessment: very large surf with rough conditions causing a heavy surge throughout the harbor. Waves are breaking across the entrance. Gale Warning was predicted/issued at 12:00 by NWS.

6:30pm, 2019 Parade of Lights beginning. Firework display occurred at 8:00pm as the winds finally calmed to levels safe for launching pyrotechnics.



10:20am, received a report of vessel accident that occurred last night. Several persons watching the parade observed a vessel collide with a moored vessel in Ventura Isle Marina.

10:45am, received report of commercial lobster traps in the entrance to the harbor. Officers responded and towed the pots out of the entrance and back to the lobster fishing grounds.

2:05pm, received a report of a hazard to navigation from a resident in the Ventura Keys. Officers explained the jurisdictional limitations of responses in the keys because it is the city of Ventura to the caller but advised they would investigate and assist if possible. They were able to safely remove the hazard.

10:30pm, observing strong gusty Santa Ana winds to 30kts.


12:15pm, dispatched to a commercial fire alarm at Ventura Storage Yard. Officers responded and assisted Ventura Fire with the call.

7:42pm, received a dispatch to a Traffic Collision, heavy rescue at Spinnaker/Harbor intersection. Officers responded and assisted Ventura Fire and Police with the call. Fortunately, no injuries were sustained in the incident.


11:20am, received a request for escort of the Santa Claus Standup paddle parade. Officers assisted with the paddle and detoured several who attempted to paddle outside the harbor due to the strong winds.

9:05pm, while on patrol in Rescue Boat 19, officers contacted a fisherman hoop netting in an illegal area near the breakwall of the harbor. A safety inspection was conducted, and the illegally placed hoop nets were moved to a legal area.


10:30am, received report of a large Fishing Seiner leaving the Harbor in a hurry causing a significant wake. Officers contacted the captain on VHF 16 and issued a stern warning. The captain has been reminded of his habitual offender status of local ordinance and received his final warning.

11:55am, received a report of a small sailboat in distress off Greenock Lane in Pierpont. Officers responded to the small sailboat in trouble. The three persons were taken onboard Rescue Boat 19 and the rudder-less vessel taken en tow. Strong southeast winds and the lack of a rudder kept the vessel from returning to the harbor.

3:51pm, dispatched to a fall victim at the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and assisted an 81-year-old male who fell and injured his hip. He was assisted and transported by AMR medics to local hospital for further evaluation.


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