Happy New Year from everyone at CAPS Media

Welcome to a New Decade.  All of us at CAPS Media want to express our sincere thanks for the tremendous support demonstrated by Friends of CAPS who created videos, sent letters, emails and made calls to City Council Members and City staff expressing your appreciation for CAPS.  Your continuous support has been extremely helpful in giving our city officials a better understanding of the depth of services provided by CAPS throughout the community.

This remarkable and effective CAPS’ member based, grass roots campaign is what democracy is all about and exactly what CAPS and public access television is all about.  The First Amendment guarantees every citizen freedom of speech, and thanks to all of you, the public has spoken loud and clear.

Everyone at CAPS is looking forward to 2020 and working with Member/Producers, colleagues and partners to expand our services throughout the community.  All year long the CAPS staff trains new members and mentors existing members in the use of media and storytelling tools to help them create their own programs and projects to air on television and radio and stream online.  CAPS provides a place for Member/Producers to share local news and regional history, in-depth interviews, faith-based programming, community messages, educational information and more.  CAPS Radio – KPPQ, 104.1FM, continues to grow with new local voices and programs developed and broadcast on the airwaves.

For the city, CAPS Media crews record, broadcast and live stream City Council meetings, City Planning, Design Review and other city public meetings as well as create informative and educational segments for the public with the Ventura Police and numerous other departments.  These services are expected to expand in 2020.

CAPS’ community support includes collaboration with the Ventura Unified School District to record, broadcast and stream VUSD Board meetings throughout the year.  In 2019 CAPS’ coverage of Community Council meetings increased to include East Ventura, Ventura College area, MidTown and  Westside Community Councils.  The local Community Council meetings are a great way for Ventura citizens to interact with and receive first-hand reports on City services and plans from City Councilmembers, Ventura Police Department officers, and other officials and leaders in the community.  In addition, numerous faith-based and community organizations recorded and broadcast services and informative programs for the community on Channel 6.

Every month CAPS crews produce Mayor for a Moment profiles featuring outstanding 5th grade students throughout VUSD for recognition at City Council and school board meetings.  And ECTV, the outstanding media education/mentorship program at El Camino High School at Ventura College, continues to produce award winning programs in the CAPS Media studio and in the community.

The start of the New Decade is a great time to become a Member/Producer at CAPS Media.  If you have an interest in community television or radio production, or are just curious, drop by the CAPS Media Center and learn how to become a member of CAPS and join our community of enthusiastic and engaged community of videographers, editors, radio DJs, storytellers and more.  Go to capsmedia.org for more information.

2019 has been a very productive year at CAPS Media.  The entire staff eagerly looks forward to a New Year of community Engagement, Education and Entertainment in 2020.

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