Water Year Summary 2019

Ventura residents continue to do an outstanding job exceeding the 20% water conservation requirement of a Stage 3 Water Shortage Event! In 2019, Ventura Water customers have conserved an average of 26% when compared to pre-drought years.

During the 2019 Water Year (October 2018 through September 2019), the City of Ventura received 20 inches of rain. Unfortunately, a single wet winter with above average rainfall does not neutralize the impacts of several consecutive years of persistent drought conditions. Before the 2019 winter rains Lake Casitas dropped as low as 30.4% (November 2018) of its capacity. Currently Casitas is at 41% capacity dwindling from this year’s high of 45%. Additionally, Ventura’s local water sources continue to be challenged by environmental, regulatory, operational, and legal constraints.

Each year following the rainy season staff evaluates the City’s water supply and demand while considering challenges, uncertainties and reliability associated with Ventura’s water sources through the annual Comprehensive Water Resources Report.

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