Bank of America awards $12,500 grant to Cabrillo

Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation has received a $12,500 grant from Bank of America to help fund operating costs related to Real Estate Development and Resident and Community Services

The grant will provide funding for resident services staff to deliver programs and services to Cabrillo tenants and community residents, and for real estate development staff who will further the acquisition and development of new sites for affordable housing in Ventura County, according to Cabrillo’s Director of Business Development and Administration, Denise Bickerstaff.

“Cabrillo builds quality, well-designed housing that is affordable to those with limited means. Currently, CEDC manages 1,129 rental homes in 23 properties. Demand for both affordable family units and farmworker housing greatly exceeds supply in Ventura County. The median rent in Ventura County has increased 23% since 2000, but renter household income has declined 8%. Ventura County’s lowest-income renters spend up to 69% of income on rent, leaving little left for food, transportation, health expenses, and other needs,” Bickerstaff said.

Cabrillo resident services coordinators work with other nonprofit and public partners to provide a variety of resources, social opportunities and educational programs to more than 3,900 residents at Cabrillo properties

Health and wellness programs delivered by staff at Cabrillo include health and nutrition classes, physical exercise classes, and food distributions. Education programming includes English as a second language and citizenship classes, financial well-being classes, and leadership development. Youth activities include afterschool homework clubs, reading and summer programs, Mad Science, and arts and culture programs.

“The combination of safe, decent affordable housing and programs and services allows residents to improve their lives and their communities, creating a win-win for families and for our region as a whole,” said Cabrillo CEO Margarita H. de Escontrias.

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