Vol. 13, No. 4 – Nov 20 – Dec 3, 2019 – Mailbox

To [email protected]

Previously I wrote saying that Ventura has a bias against seniors. I should have said bias against seniors in senior mobile home parks Ventura has a lot of programs that can keep seniors busy.

The problem is in the senior parks that are owned by greedy companies. I have lived in Lemonwood mobile home park for 2 years and in that time my rent has gone up about $100 a month. Add to that $46.50 per month in capital expenses that we are billed for. They have billed us about $700,000 I capital expenses Including interest-yes we pay interest also, The name of the company that purchased this park is Sun Communities. We have no recourse as we get to help from the council person in our ward, no response from rent review board and nothing from the City Council.

My name is Ralph Trigo and I am a member of the VMRC which is the Ventura Mobil Residents Council hoping someone will listen.

Thank you

I’m an avid reader of the Breeze, and really appreciate the role you play in our community, especially in keeping government accountable.  I hope you can help my community do that, and seek your advice for the best way the Breeze may help.

I’m the President of the Padre Place Homeowners Association, a community of 13 homeowners that live across the street from city-owned property on Ferro Drive at Grant Park.  This hillside burned during the Thomas Fire, and yet remains thick with brush and dead/burned Eucalyptus trees.  To give you perspective, standing in Old Town, on Main Street and looking up, we live just below the huge crop of Eucalyptus trees on the hill (on city property), above the Mission. It’s an obvious fire danger to us and Old Town.

This situation creates a fire hazard for our community. We have called the city fire prevention department 8 times over the past several months, with no action or even a callback. We have also called the public works department and, when they did not return our call, we emailed the director. Nothing. We are very concerned and find it ironic (and dangerous) that the city is issuing safety guidelines for brush removal that they themselves are not enforcing, putting our homes (and lives) in danger.  We seek to make the city take our fears seriously and respond to our concerns.

Perhaps this is a letter to the editor, or other means of communication?  I really appreciate any advice or support you can provide.

And by the way, my dog Gracie (now deceased) was featured on your pet page last year (she was pictured in her dog stroller downtown). I really love that section!  We still keep that Breeze clip on our refrigerator, and of course miss her dearly.


Ed: Perhaps printing this will be a good start. I know what you mean with Gracie, I miss Scamp everyday.

Subject: Trump Supporters

I am sad, incredulous, stunned at those fellow citizens who continue to support Trump! He lies nonstop, denigrates career military and civil servant employees and accuses everyone else of lying while fabricating conspiracy theories. Any innocent person would willingly want their supporters to testify, show requested evidence, including tax filings, etc.

I am especially saddened by the 98% of Evangelicals’ who are staunchly supporting him when his policies and actions are so against their Biblical teachings!

Trump and GOP are not upholding the Constitution, only their party. They also ran on “draining the swamp”; under Trump and the GOP, the “swamp” has grown tremendously; just look at his inner circle and how many are in prison, indicted, committing perjury and refusing to appear when subpoenaed.

If a President lands in prison, would taxpayers still have to pay for 24/7 Secret Service protection?

Judith A. Beay

What say ye Trump supporters? Is being a kind of movie star enough for you? Let’s hear from you!


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