Vol. 13, No. 4 – Nov 20 – Dec 3, 2019 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Wednes 10-23

9:10pm, received a dispatch to a person who jumped off the Ventura Pier. Officers responded in Rescue Boat 19 and assisted VFD with the call. The individual jumped, swam to shore and left the area.

Thursday 10-24

6:31am, received a report of a commercial fishing vessel listing heavily to port at the Fish off-loading pier. Officers responded and found the vessel as reported. Crew members were alerted, untied the vessel and resolved the issue

Friday 10-25

8:33am, dispatched to a brush fire at Olivas / Harbor Blvd. Officers responded and assisted VFD with three small fires near Riverhaven.

Saturday 10-26

7:15pm, received a report of a sailboat adrift near the #2 entrance buoy. Officers responded in Rescue boat 17, found the vessel and towed it to its slip.

Sunday 10-27

12:45pm, received a report of a disabled vessel in the keys. Officers responding in Rescue boat 19 to assist. The vessel was located, then towed to their slip in the keys, safely.

3:01pm, received a report that a commercial fishing vessel was aground in its slip near Island Packers. Officers responded and found the vessel as reported. Eventually, when the tide rose, the vessel was moved to a slip with more depth

Tuesday 10-29

1:55am, received a report of a boat fire, officers responded in Fireboat and found a 50ft vessel fully involved with fire at Ventura West Marina. Ventura fire responded and assisted with the fire-fight and moving adjacent vessels in danger of igniting. The vessel was eventually dewatered and towed to the boat yard for further investigation and because it was slowly sinking.

Wednes 10-30

4:49am, dispatched to a sick person at Riverhaven camp. Officers responded and assisted the patient with a transport to Harbor blvd to AMR ambulance. The patient was transported to local hospital for further evaluation

Friday 11-1

9:03am, while conducting pre-operations checks, officers observed heavy ash falling from the Maria Fire. All of the vehicles and vessels were washed thoroughly with high pressure washer. Officers also used N95 masks.

Saturday 11-2

5:35am, dispatched to an assault victim at the Holiday Inn express. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with a patient suffering from pepper spray.

8:28pm, dispatched to a fire Harbor Blvd/Olivas Park dr. Officers responded and assisted VFD with extinguishing a small campfire.

Friday 11-8

4:10am, while manning the operations center, officers felt a series of earthquakes ranging from 3.2 to 3.6 magnitude. No damage reported.

Saturday 11-9

8:31am, officers en route to assist The Surfrider Foundation with their beach clean up date at Harbor Beaches. Officers assisted with removing bags.

Sunday 11-10

9:41am, received a report of a vessel disabled outside the harbor. Officers responded in RescueBoat 19 but were unable to locate the vessel. Quick thinking officers contacted CI Harbor Patrol and advised they might have a disabled vessel outside their harbor. CI patrol located the vessel and assisted.

7:05pm, received a complaint about an incident with a transient. The individual wanted to know how to handle encounters with transients in the future. Advised to get good descriptions of persons and illegal activities then contact Ventura PD either by phone or online report. If it is an emergency call 911.

Monday 11-11

4:28pm, dispatched to a TC, vehicle into pole on Spinnaker near VIM. Officers responded, assisted VPD, VFD, AMR with the accident. The patient was ok.


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