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From Sustainable Ventura Newsletter

In the United States, the holiday season is the most wasteful time of year, with an average of 5 million pounds of food tossed during the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Let’s all be a part of the solution at home this season by keeping these food waste-reducing steps in mind.

Share the love: Encourage family and friends to take leftovers home by asking them to bring reusable containers to your holiday feast. Or save your recyclable plastic food containers throughout the year and supply them yourself at the holidays.

Get Creative: Try throwing your holiday protein and veggie scraps into a pot pie or a quiche. There are hundreds of recipes to try online. Visit for recipes using food scraps or food past its prime.

Avoid the temptation of overindulgence: We mean well when we want to share our love for family and friends with abundant and delicious meals, but please, try to prepare only what you need. If you have a habit of preparing too much, try cooking less once and see how it goes.

Compost it: Food scraps that can’t be used up can go in a home compost bin. If you don’t have one yet, check them out online or at your local nurseries.

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