Vol. 12, No. 24 – Aug 28 – Sept 10, 2019 – Mailbox


Eight new people found us (Ventura Parkinson’s Disease Support Group) because of you and that beautiful spot you had us on page 11 in the July-Aug edition of the fabulous Ventura Breeze, and we had over 60 attend!! You knocked it out of the park for us – thank you so much again!

Patty Jenkins

Hi Sheldon,

Wonder if anyone else has noticed the following situation?  Perhaps you could bring it to the attention of the appropriate department.

The traffic signal at the intersection of Kimball Road and Blackburn Road causes some confusion.

If you are exiting from the westbound 126, the freeway offramp brings you to this intersection.  For motorists wishing to make a left turn from the westbound 126 offramp onto Kimball Road, when the signal turn green, it is a solid green light (which would normally mean they must yield to oncoming traffic).   There is no indication that the oncoming traffic from Blackburn Road has a red light, so drivers who are unfamiliar with the signal pattern may be hesitant to make the left turn onto northbound Kimball Road.  If there was a green left-turn arrow to indicate that this is a protected left turn (in addition to the solid green light) it would help eliminate uncertainty and improve traffic flow.

CW Ventura


You claim to be looking out for all of Ventura. However, you do not care for the seniors in your area. As a senior in a 55 and older park, I see us getting the shaft on a daily basis from park owners. Do you know some?

You claimed to want to help during your election for mayor-now you are there, you do not want anything to do with us. City Council and rent review board turn us down at every corner.

There seems to be a bias against seniors. We vote and pay taxes like most everyone else. Can you say you care about seniors? It is very obvious you do not care for the elderly. Now you want a promotion to Supervisor?

Ralph Trigo Ventura

Ralph: As usual we try to receive a response from the city regarding letters. This is from the Mayor.

Mr. Trigo,

I am sorry you feel like I don’t care about you and Ventura’s seniors. I think it’s important you know about all of the important steps myself and my colleagues on the Ventura City Council have taken to support seniors.

I personally have spent more than 30 hours meeting with leaders from the various park resident councils, and based on the feedback I received, my city council colleagues and I voted to strengthen our rent control ordinance by adding new disclosures that require Park owners to better inform potential tenants about their rent control rights.

We have also strengthened our rent control oversight board, which now has more frequent meetings than ever before. And lastly, we just invested over $225,000 to develop a senior strategic plan, which the city council hopes to utilize in order to provide the best possible resources to our City’s seniors. To me, it is imperative we support our city’s seniors.

— Mayor Matt LaVere

Every action done in company ought to be with some sign of respect to those that are present.
~ George Washington

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