CAPS Media Center internship opportunities

“I’m a radio star.”

Meet Alexander Blomquist, the newest enthusiastic student intern at the CAPS Media Center. 12 year old Alexander is helping out CAPS Media staff and local DJs in the radio station while learning the ins and outs of media production. Alexander is mastering the studio while producing his own series Cultural Capture. He has produced several episodes about Italian culture including growing up in Italy and all about Italian food.

For the new school year, CAPS Radio is partnering with Ventura College to develop a CAPS Radio-Podcasting Internship program for college students. The KPPQ-LP internship program provides the opportunity for students to learn the inner workings of a community radio station and the “how to’s” of radio show-podcast creation. The program offers real world skills and experience that can support careers in journalism, business communication, research and more.

Limited to six students, the CAPS Media/Ventura College Radio internship program is offered for a minimum of five hours per week for twelve weeks with up to 2 credits earned. Classes will take place at the CAPS Media Center which is located at 65 Day Road on the east side of Ventura College, directly across the street from Foothill High School. Hands-on learning will take place in the CAPS Radio KPPQ studio and in the field. The students’ radio podcasts will be broadcast on KPPQ, 104.1fm, streamed on MyTuner, and streamed on For more information contact Elizabeth Rodeno at [email protected].

Recently the entire community mourned the passing of Neal Andrews, one of the most respected leaders in Ventura. As part of Neal’s years of dedicated service, he was the host of a series of interview programs recorded at the CAPS Media Center and aired on channel 6 titled, “Conversations with Neal Andrews.” Over the years Neal shared his insight, sense of humor and tremendous intelligence while interviewing hundreds of fascinating individuals, community and business leaders, artists, and advocates for countless worthy endeavors in Ventura County. Everyone at the CAPS Media Center, all of the viewers who watched the program, and the community itself owe a debt of gratitude to Neal for enriching our lives.

Nearly every week CAPS crews record, broadcast and stream Ventura City council meetings and other select city community meetings on Channel 15 and on The CAPS Media team also covers local community council meetings throughout the City and replays the meetings on CAPS Media Channel 6 while streaming them on Go to the schedule tab on the website for dates and times.

CAPS Media is Ventura’s Community Access resource. Our mission is to to create an engaged and informed community through participation in electronic media. Everyone in the community is invited and encouraged to visit the CAPS Media Center to tour the video studio, radio station and more and see the opportunities that are offered to members. Go to, sign up for the next orientation class on the first Thursday of the month and discover how easy it is to become a member/producer at CAPS where you can receive hands-on instruction in videography and editing, radio production and more. Go to, or you can call 805-658-0500 to get complete information.

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