Vol. 12, No. 23 – Aug 14 – Aug 27, 2019 – Mailbox

Dear Sheldon,

It was sad to hear in one of your recent editor’s remarks that you feel that you should (for reasons of appearing ‘non-partisan’) refrain from voicing your opinions about important issues that affect all of us, and about the criminals in our government currently who are kidnapping & caging children (without keeping records, properly caring for the children or caring about reuniting them with their children short of a court order), using our Dept. of Justice to curtail investigations, cut off access to important (Mueller) report information, destroying the effectiveness of our environmental and food-protection agencies (etc.), just because a few Trumpenstein Monsters come at you personally for your comments. 

Your voice (as a producer/editor of local news & opinion) is a very important one. Always remember that trying to ‘kill the messenger’ is about all the game the RedPutinCons have left. They know that they cannot defend themselves (or the RedPutinCons in power currently) so all they have left is to attack Americans who care about the rule of law and decent treatment of children as dangerous ‘Socialists’ or ‘Liberals’, never minding the fact that our Constitution is a liberal document and socialism has been the American economic model for this country since the 1st contract went out to build & fund the 1st fire station, police station and hydro-electric dam. Capitalism is just a term created by corporations & investors to advance their fascist ideology, when in fact without their (corporate welfare) socialist govt. (mostly military) contracts, most of these wonderful ‘capitalist’ corporations would cease to exist. 

So please speak up and speak out against fascism, mistreatment of children & the elderly and of our environment and food & water inspections (etc.) as often as you’d like, and call your detractors what they are; angry RedPutinCons with a political agenda to destroy all opposing opinions in this country. 

If we lose people like you (from speaking out) we lose the game. Period. 

Thanks for speaking your mind,

Sean T. Turner

Sean: If I keep changing my mind about speaking out I could end up with one that doesn’t work. Oh, what to do?

Hi, Sheldon

1) Re: July 31 – August 13

Opinion/Editorial where Britain’s ambassador described Trump, etc. I loved your editorial comment! Not my comment, I would never comment about Trump some readers get upset.

2) I have a number of friends who live in Santa Paula that I bring The Breeze to. They wonder why copies aren’t distributed to Santa Paula locations. Of course, I have no answer.

The answer is too far to pay a delivery person to take there. Do you work cheaply?

3) Re: Shirley Lorraine’s theater reviews; they are awesome. I happened to sit next to her at the Rubicon. She is definitely a “Woman of Many Talents” as printed on her business card.

Judith Beay


What a great idea for our Councilmembers to host quarterly townhall meetings. With the new district election process, it gives our representatives an opportunity to have a local focus balanced with a citywide understanding.

As a fan of CAPS TV Council coverage, I’m wondering if a Councilmember or two will use this forum to hear their constituents’ concerns or simply use it as another platform to hear their own pontification.

It will be interesting to see if the idea gets traction. And the details – how it is communicated, how input for the agenda is solicited, convenient times/locations, etc. how many will actually attend.

I’m wagering that my Councilmember will be on board. During the last campaign, while Erik was canvasing my neighborhood door-to-door, he took 20 minutes to simply stand on the sidewalk and share his thoughts about our district and the city and listen to mine.

If one or two start this practice, I’m sure peer pressure will ‘encourage’ participation. I look forward to your updates on the process and outcome!

I’m too shy to put my name in the paper.

Without work, all life goes rotten. But when work is soulless, life stifles and dies.
~ Albert Camus

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