Dab Art is pleased to present Excelsior!

William Waggoner, Lightning Strikes – Not Once But Twice, 2019, Oil on Canvas, 22 x 35 in.

Dab Art is pleased to present Excelsior! Appropriately titled after the late great Stan Lee. His personal catch phrase and a word used to indicate superior quality, Excelsior! is an illustration based group show featuring 18 marvelous artists. Until June 17.

Paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography and comic based works are presented together in an unusual but visually intoxicating display of social commentary.

Confronted with the visceral realities of history, human and cultural tragedies in a world of turmoil, these distinct group of creatives are transformed into a cast of artistic antiheroes.

1793 East Main Street,805 626 8876 www.DabArt.me

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