Vol. 12, No. 15 – Apr 24 – May 7, 2019 – Mailbox

Dear Editor,

Re: March 26th edition

I agree with your recent correspondent, XXXXX XXX. She does sound hyperbolic and hysterical.  True. Her statements that Trump views Putin, Kim Jung Un and Xi Jinping as his heroes while happily desiring to destroy them with nuclear weapons defies any logic.

Trump clearly has no desire to wage nuclear war. So XXXXX can dream happily, under her bed, about that.

Trump has also not hampered the Mueller investigation. That is clearly evident by the fact that Mueller has spent two years and about 40 million dollars trying to figure out how to get Trump indicted. He couldn’t.

Now the Democrats will defy the Constitution by trying to force attorney general Barr to provide information that is prevented by established law.

Lastly, I am a Trump supporter.  I don’t feel greed-hungry. I’m just a working guy supporting my family. But I am happy that America is doing much better with Donald Trump as our president.

Robert Parham


This is a typical letter that we get from Trump supporters that just criticize and ridicule those who oppose Trump and make statements like “America is doing much better with Donald Trump as our president” never explain what he is doing that makes them make such a claim.

Dear Amy (Ventura writer),

We are so incredibly grateful for the beautiful article about Festival of Talent and VEPGrants. Thank you!

We are a small organization, often under the radar, so it feels so good to have you share our work with the Breeze’s readers. We love our hometown paper and thank all of you for your efforts on our community’s behalf.

Madhu Bajaj
President, Ventura Education Partnership


Why can’t our elected representatives do their job and work together to amend our laws to find a proper balance with more judges, monitor and track visas and immigrants, walls or other surveillance in strategic locations…  our law enforcement and court system, schools, medical providers, water and housing needs are already stretched beyond limits, yet we need willing and able workers if is done in a lawful way and people need to live in safety in their own country.   Surely there are plenty of jobs to build a better world if we all work together in a positive way

Also,  Sharon Troll is leaving our fair city after 25+ years of service to our community to join her family near Shaver Lake.   Isn’t there another street we can name for her (like James Monahan Way to Jim Monahan after his many years of service or key to the city we can give her in appreciation as she leaves)

Sharon supported Police Activities League, Westside Community Council, largely responsible for formation of Westside Community Development Corporation, helped with tattoo removal for kids who wanted out of gangs, to name a few that I know of.  Thanks, Sharon for all you have done to make our city and especially the Westside even better

Mike Merewether

Hi everyone

I spoke with my colleagues and we want to present Sharon a certificate of recognition and a key to the City at a council meeting. She deserves it. I’ll make sure we coordinate scheduling with Sharon.

Mayor Matt LaVere

We received an email from Joseph Richardson, Production supervisor City of Ventura water 1985-1992 that starts out “I am writing this and sharing it as widely as I can. My hope is to inform as many people about the false claims and faulty planning by the City of Ventura Water Dept staff.”

We are waiting to get a response from the Water Department to include with this. Will publish once we have their response.

It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.
~ Herman Melville

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