Vol. 12, No. 13 – Mar 27 – Apr 9, 2019 – Mailbox

Dear Editor:

Is it possible? Are there some Republicans in Congress that can see the real Trump. The bigot. The crooked bigot. The least educated; the least read person ever to have sat in that chair in the Oval Office.

Are some of those Republicans beginning to see the danger, and the damage, this, illegally elected, President is bringing down on all of us?

We once had a Democracy. A country led by the people. We are now being led — by the nose — by a cruel, heartless, airhead.

Where are the sane and sensible and clear thinking Republicans, I once had respect for?

Hope they start showing up —


Esther Cole

Ventura Breeze 

I believe that Trump is one of our greatest presidents. His decisions including supreme court nominee has been superb (hopefully he gets another supreme court justice). 

His main problem is that the democrats, and even a few republicans won’t let him accomplish what he is trying to accomplish. Let him build the wall. 

He is a great negotiator and is making great progress with North Korea.  He also understands that “global warming” is nonsense. Look at the extreme cold weather even this time of the year.


Jim Yashidi Ventura (I still read the Breeze)

Hello, Sheldon

I really like your piece/discourse with Mike Mislinay. You refuted his comments and beliefs with facts. Of course, that’s assuming his beliefs aren’t based on alternative facts. In that case, it’s hopeless! Keep up the good work!

I’ve said for 2+ years, the problem is not Trump; it’s the mullions who voted for him. They are our neighbors and relatives. He gave a voice to their racism and bigotry. I can’t reconcile that 7 out of 10 “religious right” people who call themselves Christians support him! What happened to the common Golden Rule found in all religions; “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Judith A. Beay Ventura

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.
~ Albert Einstein
Oh sure, we should all have his “no special talents.”

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