Vol. 12, No. 12 – Mar 13 – Mar 26, 2019 – Mailbox


I read in the LA Times (can I say that?) that Pope Francis warned bishops he wants “concrete measures” to stamp out sex abuse in the church. He handed out 21 proposals for cracking down on predator priests.

Seems to me the only proposal necessary should be to let them get married (to a male or female, just not 12-year olds).

Larry Dote- on online reader from Las Vegas


The battle to indict Trump is turning into a Civil War. Them — the Trump Followers vs. the anti-Trumpers.

Trump is surrounding himself with a battery of anti-Constitution followers, determined to turn this U.S. of A from a Republic, into a Dictatorship, with Trump at the top. A la his hero Putin, and the other owners of countries like The Saudis and China. And North Korea

I know this sounds hyperbolic and hysterical. But that’s Trump and what he’s willing to do, along with his Republican followers, to buy himself a country.

He builds walls of people he puts into important positions like the Supreme Court and others who can hamper the Mueller investigation.

He won’t go quietly — not his style. He’ll happily lead us into a nuclear confrontation with North Korea and/or Russia, as readily as a spoiled child having a temper tantrum.

And the greed-hungry Republican followers will follow him to hell.

Hope all of you are still limber enough to curl up and hide under the bed.

Sweet dreams…Esther Cole

This is a song inspired by the recent rains in Ventura. Sung to the tune of “Amazing Grace” .
By Hope Botwinski

Amazing Rain
Amazing rain! How sweet the smell,
That saved a drought like this!
We once were dry, but now are wet!
Was parched, but now relief!

Through many days, weeks, months, and years.
The rain barely would come down.
Tis rain that turns the grass so green.
And rain helps flowers bloom.

The rivers rise where formerly dry,
Displacing homeless from their “homes.”
And causing mudslides – destruction in its path.
But we will not complain.

And with the rain, comes the snowpack
To give water later on.
With natural rainfall, plants grow the best.
The farmers will rejoice.

The Lord has promised good to me:
A rainbow in the sky.
Always the sun rise; always the moon set.
All signs of His Providence.

Amazing rain! How sweet the sound!
See flash of lightning then – hear thunder roar.
The earth sighs Ahh! In grate-ful response!
The streams bubbling along!

What we imagine is order is merely the prevailing form of chaos.
~ Kerry Thornley

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