City of Ventura 2018 Employee and Supervisor of the Year announced

On February 19, the City of Ventura held an awards ceremony at City Hall to recognize fifteen employees nominated for the 2018 Employee and Supervisor of the Year. These awards recognize city employees who are role models for public service and exemplify the city’s commitment to excellence.

The eleven nominees for Employee of the Year were:

  • Lauren Armistead – Ventura Water
  • Ashley Bautista – Police Department
  • Cheryl Bucklin – Parks, Recreation & Community Partnerships
  • Silvia Medrano – Public Works
  • Donald Nielsen – Community Development
  • Eric Padilla – Parks, Recreation & Community Partnerships
  • Daniel Ramos – Parks, Recreation & Community Partnerships
  • Elizabeth Richardson – Community Development
  • Jared Rosengren – Community Development
  • Vince Tovey – Community Development
  • Jo Gerke-Yutuc – Finance & Technology

The four nominees for Supervisor of the Year

  • Yesania Anderson – Finance & Technology
  • Greg Morley – Finance & Technology
  • Kenny Welch– Police Department
  • John Willis– Ventura Water

Cheryl Bucklin, Recreation and Community Partnerships Coordinator, was selected as the 2018 Employee of the Year.

`John Willis, Wastewater Plant Supervisor, was selected as the 2018 Supervisor of the Year.

City Manager Alexander McIntyre said, “The City of Ventura has a history of the workforce acknowledging and recognizing their exceptional peers. It’s an honor and a pleasure to work with this caliber of employees!”

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