Vol. 12, No. 10 – Feb 13 – Feb 26, 2019 – Mailbox

Dear Sheldon

Thank you for running the article in the Breeze about Circle of Friends now accepting new members. It was a hit! Ten women showed up at our February 6 luncheon with an interest in becoming members. Fantastic success and definitely because the Breeze is so well read!

Marion Phalan


I know that a temporary homeless shelter is opened in Oxnard that is to serve Oxnard and Ventura. I think this is good to a point. How is someone from Ventura supposed to get to Oxnard to stay in the shelter? Getting there for people in Oxnard is difficult enough.

I think Ventura will have a permanent shelter open by the end of the year I certainly hope so. As a caring society certainly, we must provide some shelter for the homeless specially when it is 30-40° out and raining.

I have friends that say they are just a bunch of bums that like living that life without working. I say to them ”why don’t you spend a night out sleeping in 40° weather in the rain and then let me know if that would be a lifestyle that anyone would really choose to live. Going through trash cans is not a way to make a living and some homeless are hoping to find food in the trash cans.

I read this in the VC Star (is it okay if I say VC Star?) ” The shelter is currently seeking donations of men’s and women’s clothing of all sizes (sweat shirts and pants, T-shirts, socks, shoe laces, flip-flops and underwear); personal care items (tooth brush, hair brush, nail clippers) and disposable dining ware (bowls, plates and cups). Those who are interested in donating should call the shelter at 805-612-7381 to set a drop-off time. For more information about volunteering at the homeless shelter, call 805-247-0335.”

Serra Bell (living in a nice warm house in Ventura)


Thanks for your kind concerns and it is okay if you say the VC Star as long as you don’t call it the Star Free Press which it hasn’t been called for a very long time but folks still call it that.

to editor

Regarding the recent article about the city paying Harbor Church such a large sum of money for their land in the buyout-to-stop-adult- feeding-services: perhaps using their Christian ethic, the church members will take all excess funds they received (beyond reasonable payment for the facilities) and “donate in-kind” services establishing homeless programming in an area that is appropriate and obtain proper permitting to ensure health/safety/environmental standards of service and for the benefit of the homeless. Templates include Project Understanding’s programs and those similar.


Laura Flores

The work of art is above all a process of creation,
it is never experienced as a mere product.
~ Paul Klee


In our last issue we had an article on the March for Justice but we failed to mention a few dignitaries who were there that we should have. Our new Deputy Mayor Sofia Rubalcava (she’s in the photo) and new Council Member Lorrie Brown was also there. And all four of Ventura’s women council members spoke.

Also in attendance was State Assembly Member Monique Limon and, with great speeches were Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson and Representative Julia Brownley.

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