Vol. 12, No. 9 – Jan 30 – Feb 12, 2019 – Mailbox

Dear Editor,

I’m writing to you in regards to a vile and disrespectful “cartoon” you published in your Jan. 16-29th edition. 

I was appalled at the tasteless and unpatriotic smear of our current President. What so many seem to forget or have just decided they don’t care, half of the population voted for and supports this President who was elected into office by the American citizens of this great country. 

Allowing such a hate filled and biased piece to be in this newspaper was mind blowing to me and my family. We will no longer be reading your once appreciated paper. 

Beth Brokken


Thank you for your thoughts. A difference in opinion is what makes America great (not great again we have always been great). Being able to express different views is vitally important to a democracy so keep your thoughts coming. Hope that you will give us another chance and continue to read the Breeze.

And for the record there are about 200 million eligible voters in the USA and Trump received about 63 million or 31% (not half)and Hillary received over 2miilion more votes than Trump.



Well, well, well, it appears as though not everyone shares my opinion regarding Patagonia… 

Ah the difference of opinion; a key cornerstone in what Made America Great.

Freedom of choice is an inherent value in a democratic society.  You can choose to give charitable contributions and you can choose not to.  You can donate 1% of your annual sales to help the climate concerns, and do this quietly; or you can choose to boast of a charitable sum of $10M for the purposes of marketing your brand.  Believe me I get it; broadcast to the country that you oppose the President and watch the sales revenue climb.  Conversely endorse the President and watch your revenue slip away.  Sadly, It’s today’s economics 101.  

My point; which I’m allowed to express ( thank you Sheldon) is that; great I dig efforts to help in any manner in which one chooses, but why tie it to politics.  Some of this countries greatest philanthropists are never known, they chose to donate to a cause for the simple reason that they felt compelled to, versus trying to drive revenue.

Describing a marketing campaign as a charitable contribution is disappointing.  Again I say shame on Patagonia.

Hector Borrego


I live south Oxnard as do my friends and I would like to share our concerns. We feel south Oxnard has the most crime in the city, my neighbors and I are uncomfortable in our own community. We feel there are not enough quality stores, restaurants and places to shop in the south area. The vagrants are extremely aggressive and are increasing.

The stores that are located in our area are run down, inundated with homeless individuals, crime and the quality of the items being sold is usually sub par. Vagrants scour the parking lot at Ralphs accosting people as they load groceries in their cars and the parking lot is full of potholes. My neighbors refuse to shop there so we get in our cars and drive to Camarillo or Ventura to shop.

There are no decent restaurants in our area so what do my neighbors and I do when we feel like eating out? Same. Same for all shopping needs because we are afraid of having our cars broken into or worse. Crime is a huge problem in our area, there is usually a shooting or stabbing every weekend and every several days, someone is arrested for driving with a loaded gun. Drunk drivers and hit and runs are common. This past weekend a drunk crashed into a backyard on Pleasant Valley Road. Vagrant standing on the median kick cars that are stopped at the light. There is a homeless encampment behind Oxnard College. My retired neighbor wants to move out but the value on his five bedroom home with a huge backyard is won’t pay for a condo in another city because the property values are so low. South Oxnard is in need of an overhaul.

Jose Medina Oxnard


I, and many others, have waited for over two years for President Trump to release his tax returns. Why has he refused to do this? What is he hiding? Let’s hope the House of Representatives make this a top priority!

Judith A. Beay Ventura


Regarding the announcement in the Star that “Time Out” will be reduced to a single page highlighting just 10 local events each week, all I can say (to quote Donald Trump) is:  SAD!

I’ve been a Ventura resident for over 20 years, and in that time, I’ve watched the sad decline of the Ventura County Star from a truly vibrant local newspaper devoted to providing full coverage of local news (with a complete section unto itself totally devoted to local events, local nonprofits, clubs and societies, local issues, etc.) to a mere slip of a rag that simply reprints USA Today, along with local crime reports and obituaries.

I belong to a local nonprofit that hosts a local show each year—a nonprofit that primarily depends on that show for its operating income.  Years ago, before being purchased by USA Today, we could count on the Ventura County Star to give us a full article—often times on the front page of the Local news section—to help promote our show.   All was good and well with the world.  Well, that section of the paper totally evaporated, but we thanked our stars (so to speak) that “Time Out” still persisted and still provided at least a modicum of coverage with a tiny 1-inch space in the calendar section.

Now:  Poof!  That, too, is gone in this day-and-age of Donald Trump and the sad, sad, sad dissolution of local news reporting.

And you have the gall to spring it on us at a moment’s notice!  Nice going!  At this rate, I’ll be cancelling my subscription and just getting a free copy of USA Today at a local hotel.

One unhappy long-time Star subscriber,

Jim Brace-Thompson

And putting your information in and reading the Ventura Breeze of course.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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