Ventura Fairgrounds board approves plan for Surfers Point Managed Retreat project

The Ventura County Fairgrounds board has approved, by 7-0 vote, the conceptual design for the second phase of the Surfers Point Managed Retreat project.

Barbara Quaid, Ventura County Fairgrounds CEO stated “I am grateful that the Fairgrounds and the City of Ventura are working together on keeping our beautiful bike path and shoreline a jewel for everyone to enjoy. ​”

The project is a joint effort by the city of Ventura and a joint powers authority of six coastal communities and the counties of Ventura and Santa Barbara. It aims to finish a project whose The first phase of the project was completed in 2011.

The conceptual design provides for the removal of the parking lot that runs adjacent to the bike path and just north of the restrooms. The bike path will come forward and the lot will move. The beach will widen to where the lot and bike path are now located.

When completed there will be 423 parking spaces, an increase over the 203 that are located there now.

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