Nia technique arrives at Avenue Adult Center!

by Nia Green Belt Teacher (and native Venturan) Christy Cantrel

The dance fitness modality called Nia has been practiced in Ventura for more than 15 years. Starting in February, the movement form for will be available through the city of Ventura Parks and Recreation at the Avenue Adult Center, offered several times per week.

Nia (originally an acronym for non-impact aerobics) is a holistic work out designed to be adaptable to individual needs and abilities. By rewarding pleasure over pain and embracing comfort, Nia delivers a full body and brain workout experience while helping people form a deeper connection to themselves and their body.

Nine movement forms from the dance arts, healing arts, and martial arts combine with 52 moves for the base, core and the upper extremities to inspire the class with a variety of dynamics used to provide body friendly choreography that can create opportunities to increase flexibility, agility, mobility, strength and stability!

Registration now open, checkout the My Ventura guide mailed to residents, call (805) 658-4726 or go to

Questions and more information? (805) 216-5216.

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