Vol. 12, No. 8 – Jan 16 – Jan 29, 2019 – Harbor Patrol

12-26 1:33pm, while on patrol in the truck, officers observed several inexperienced swimmers wading in the shorebreak near Surfers Knoll. Warnings and removal from the water were conducted.
12-27 1:45pm, received a report of a small sailboat in distress, lost their rudder in the A-basin near VIM J-dock. Officers responded and towed the vessel to the L/R.
12-29 10:50am, officers received a report of vandalism in the restrooms near 1600 Spinnaker Drive. Apparently, a key card was illegally obtained by some transients and they are vandalizing the restrooms.
12-30 4:00pm, received a dispatch to a water rescue, paraglider down somewhere between the Ventura Pier and the Mandalay powerplant. Two Harbor Patrol vessels responded along with US coast guard, State Parks, Ventura Fire, Vessel Assist and Ventura County Sheriff. After all responding agencies searched the areas reported, no persons or paraglider were found. The incident was determined most likely related to a parasailing company from CI harbor.
12-31 4:30pm, while on patrol in the truck, officers observed hazardous sea conditions and very pronounced beach erosion between Surfers Knoll and the South Jetty. A large and dangerous berm exists South of Surfers Knoll.

5:30pm, received an anonymous report of illegal possession of a protected animal. Officers responded and found some evidence of a possible violation.













2:45pm, while manning the operations center, officers received a report of a disabled 30ft sailboat in the South Basin of the harbor. Marine Safety and Harbor Patrol officers responded to the call for assistance. Upon arriving on scene, officers observed the vessel was anchored, the skipper, dressed in a petticoat and captains cap, summoned his family onto the deck of the boat. The sailboat and crew were safely towed and secured to their slip in Ventura West.

2:00pm, received a report of a 30 year old female transient endangering herself. Officers responded, found the female safe and advised not to go into the ocean because of dangerous conditions. She left Surfers Knoll area.

11:20am, received a report of a diesel spill at VWM C-dock. Officers responded on the fireboat and investigated.

7:30am, officers escorting a group of bird counters around the harbor in Boat 17 to count birds. The main area of interest is the Harbor Breakwall.

1:05am, during a recording of the rain gauge, observed very heavy surge affecting the patrol vessels from the large swell. Officers added more spring lines to secure the vessels and limiting the collisions between dock and vessels.

11:45am, received a report that the Santa Clara Rivermouth breeched. Officers responded and observed a violent burst with raging water with standing waves 5-6ft high. By-standers were warned to stand back.

6:31pm, received a dispatch to an unconscious person on their vessel in VIM E-dock. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with a 61 year old male with high blood sugar and neck pain from a fall. The patient was treated on scene for the ailments and transported to local hospital for further evaluation.

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