Hospice distributed over 140 Christmas Blankets

Assisted Hospice, in Ventura, was fortunate again this year to distribute approximately 145 Christmas Blankets to their Hospice Patients. The timing was perfect as the temperatures are hitting an all-time low. Assisted started this campaign approximately five years ago, thanks to one of the wonderful volunteers who visited a local facility where there were no signs of Christmas for the patients and it tugged at her heart. Each year Assisted distributes Christmas Blankets in honor of the “Will Anyone Remember Me” campaign. This wouldn’t be possible without the continued support of Michael Boyko from Joseph P. Reardon’s in Ventura. Staff has as much fun distributing these blankets as the patients do receiving them. This truly puts everyone in the Holiday Spirit.

Anyone interested in Volunteering with Assisted Hospice, please contact Marianne Cody, Volunteer Coordinator, at (805) 677-7405.

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