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The difference between Clinton and Trump lying about affairs that when Clinton did it he committed purgery (perjury), then the press said it’s no big deal. So it’s no big deal, particularly when Trump didn’t commit purgery.

Samuel Goodin

So Trump having affairs is okay as long as he didn’t commit perjury? Wonder if his wife agrees?
Thanks for writing.


Perhaps we need some special events that would be unique in California. Such events that could attract people from all over California and the west to come here and spend their money and stay in Ventura and enjoy all we have to offer. At this time of year it’s a good time to speculate on new ways to put Ventura on the Map. I have a few ideas but you might be able to come up with some others ideas.

1. Hutash (the 29th of September) a Chumash Holiday–their new year with dances and feasts. The Spanish Missionaries discovered the date fell on Saint Michael’s Day and had fiestas, parties, special mass and horse races on that day. It became a day celebrated by both the Europeans and Native Americans. We could do a procession, Pow wow and dances. Ring all the historic bells at the Mission–etc. Maybe even have a rodeo in the fairgrounds? It could show cultural unity as well as focus on the positives of our history in Ventura. Maybe a parade?

2. The Squidfest Our Marina catches most of the squid consumed in the west. So a calamari festival should be held at the marina. With calamari tacos, ice cream, etc. The Mascot of the event “Carmen Calamari” a dancing squid with a Carmen Miranda hat and Cuban accent. Music of the islands, Blessing of the fishing boats. Everything squid would mark this day. Maybe a parade of boats? Boat races in the Marina? Chumash canoes (yes they were great fishermen).

3. Founders Day (April 10, ) The day the city was incorporated by the state as a city. Then it had only 350 residents. We could have a historic plays, parades, street fairs, Special events. A special fiesta could be held in the downtown with a dance (as they did long ago). A special tour of all we are as a city. New museum display on the history of the town and an art contest on those artists who pain images depicting the colorful story of the state.

4. Horrorfest (October) A special holiday to focus on our ghostly legends and accounts in Ventura. Special screenings of horror films like “Homicidal” filmed in Ventura. A William Castle film made in 1961. A low budget production that even impressed Alfred Hitchcock! Maybe this movie could be screened? Special tours, a Paranormal Conference could bring in all the people who love ghost hunting–the fastest growing hobby in America.

A few ideas to consider.

Richard Senate, Ventura


Regarding the resignation of David Creswell as VUSD superintendent, some argue that it should be Creswell’s behavior that is relevant, not his words spoken outside of his job.

I initially thought the same thing after Creswell apologized and met with some LGBT students. My reasoning is that I don’t want us to be the thought police, and that as long as Creswell treated all students with respect going forward, I would be okay with his staying.

Then I saw a post that changed my mind.

Let’s pretend that VUSD had a different superintendent, one who was a secret white supremacist, and he made disparaging remarks about Latinos and blacks in a speech to his supremacist group. Let’s say the “cutest couple” in the yearbook was a mixed race couple and he made an insulting comment about them. Let’s say he got caught and apologized and promised to be supportive of all students in the future.

Would we all be okay with his staying on as superintendent? No way. We would be clamoring for his head.

So why are all of us not outraged about what Creswell said? Because his comments were directed at LGBT students, and many believe that being LGBT is a choice; ergo, if they did not want insulting comments made about them, they just should not choose to be LGBT.

VUSD expressly forbids discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender, and gender identity or expression. LGBT students are just as protected as students of any race, color, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group identification, religion, etc. That’s the bottom line here.

So Creswell’s verbal discrimination against LGBT students is just as offensive and intolerable as the racist comments of our pretend white supremacist superintendent. Creswell demonstrated he is not the right person for the job.

Alison Carlson Ventura

To publisher

We, the Auxiliary volunteers of CMH are so grateful to the Ventura Breeze, Ventura County and Auxiliary volunteers for all of their services rendered to us in 2018. All of you have been so helpful so often and been a gift that kept on giving.

Let the countdown to a memorable year begin. We at CMH auxiliary volunteer department wish each of you 365 chances to laugh love and live your best year yet.

Please remember that we still need male and female junior and senior volunteers. Pick up application at the front desk.

Lorraine Hirschey

Dear Editor,

How Insane must a president of the U.S. be to be declared unfit for office?
How much danger does he have to represent?
How many people must he kill or be responsible for killing?
How many criminal laws must he break?
How many walls does he need to build?
How insane must a citizen of the U.S. be to tolerate such behavior?
How much longer?

Sincerely, Esther Cole

to opinions

Here is another use of $10 million tax cut dollars Patagonia is giving away.

A jump start fund to build a desalination plant (where they didn’t want the college) designed to keep the lake filled.

Solves our drought problem.

Tim Hansen  Ventura

If opposites attract, the North Pole and the South Pole
would be married and living happily at the equator.
~ Gene Perret

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