Increased funding for elementary school arts mini-grants

The Ventura County Arts Council is pleased to announce a generous increase in its mini-grant educational program for schools in the upcoming year 2019. Grants of $500 to $1000 will be available to bring standards-based arts programs into k-6 classrooms in Ventura County. Applicants can download the application @ Click on Mini-Grants. Applicants will be notified by March 1 and projects must be completed by June 15, 2019.

Local non-profit organizations, artists and schools are encouraged to apply. Please note: 25% of the amount requested from the Ventura County Arts Council must be matched by the school. For example, in the case of a grant of $1000, the school would have to generate $250 making the total project $1250. All funded programs must take place

during the school’s day. Only 1 application per school, arts organization, or artist will be funded. The mini-grant can be used to pay for artist services, tickets to an arts-based performance or transportation to an arts event. Projects will be selected on the criteria of

1. Learning experiences structured by the California Arts Content Standards

2. Utilization of local artist resources

3. On-going learning that uses this project as a springboard for continuing arts education and/or integration with other content areas.

The Artist-In-The-Classroom Project from the Ventura County Arts Council is not eligible for this grant. Upon notification of acceptance the applicant will receive 75% of the funds with the remainder paid out after the project is completed and an evaluation is turned in. Questions should be directed to the Ventura County Arts Council at [email protected] or 805-658-2213. The Mini-Grant Educational Program is funded by the John and Beverly Stauffer Foundation.

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