Vol. 12, No. 6 – Dec 19, 2018 – Jan 2, 2019 – Mailbox


I was saddened to read that the Ventura Unified School District Superintendent resigned due to the actions of a single school board member.  She was upset after reading about a sermon he delivered years ago in another city.  He happens to be an ordained minister, as well as an education professional.  Today, many pastors are bi-vocational for a variety of reasons, including financial. His sermon was Biblically based and not mean spirited.  Christianity teaches us to hate the sin, but love the sinner.

I urge the Superintendent to withdraw his resignation.  This type of modern day anti-Christian persecution should not be allowed to stand.  It is my hope that pastors and Christians in our community will come along side this wonderful man and give him your support.  If we fail to stop this kind of mean-spirited madness, what will it lead to?

Bill Bays

Hello Sheldon,

Read the new issue (Dec.5) from front cover to back cover, every word.
Very Nicely Done, Sir !!!
Your best issue of your illustrious history.

Mark “Ping Pong” Stienecker

Mark: If you play ping pong you must be very intelligent which explains why you loved the issue. I understand that there might be some very important ping pong news coming to our attention soon.

Hi Sheldon!

I left Art City the week after Bad Exhibition: Value in Art closed.

I have taken a position as Associate Research Fellow at Sichuan University, and am enjoying my first real job and salary with benefits in this lifetime. Being a Bohemian is fun and all, but it’s not too good for the teeth and body, long term. This is a really good chance to round out my resume and help me find a way to apply my skills, both academic and creative, as a professional once I return.

I will be back in Ventura for both winter and summer vacations, and am focusing my energy on finding an academic position in Southern California once my three year contract here is completed.

How are you doing? How’s Ventura? I do so appreciate all the support you and the Breeze gave to both myself and to Art City while I was curator there.

Sophia Kidd

Sophia was a Breeze writer for many years prior to living in China and obtaining her PhD from Sichuan University. Very exciting that she has obtained this position. We wish her well. Perhaps she could launch a Sichuan Breeze.


I don’t write to offer opinion; ever.

Yet when I saw the kudos to Patagonia I was bothered.  I’d read the news in the LA times earlier in the day and heard it on KVTA, then saw your kudos.

All day I had been wondering why a firm headquartered in Ventura; which has a significant homeless population/problem, many residence still struggling from the Thomas fires and a city that would benefit greatly from cultural philanthropic donations (Botanical gardens, as example); why would Patagonia donate to a global cause instead of putting that $10M into our city?

Can you image what $10M would do for those struggling in this City or even in the County (Borderline families)?

Instead of helping it’s community further, they chose to make a political statement and what is as unsettling is you Sheldon applauding them versus calling them out.

Are you telling me you would rather they donate $10M on something that may or may not be proven in our lifetime versus helping the people of a city that need it now, and with the holiday season upon us what a gift that would have been to those impacted to receive a portion of such a generous donation.

Seems to me you were being PC with your kudos, I’m disappointed in you.

What is our priority as a community, fighting with our Presidents view or help a community that has been ravished and struggled over the past year?

Instead of kudos I say shame on Patagonia for choosing to express their political views versus further helping a community that has helped make them who they are.

Hector  Borrego

PS: I’ll bet there are a few Patagonia employees that sure could have used some of that ten mil!


You can never say this again. “I don’t write to offer opinion; ever.”

Your points are very well taken, thanks and maybe you will offer other opinions in the future now that you have broken the ice.



The folks who know the truth aren’t talking…The ones who don’t have a clue, you can’t shut up!
~ Tom Waits

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