Vol. 12, No. 6 – Dec 19, 2018 – Jan 2, 2019 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

11-28 12:50pm, officers en route in Boat 19 to train with U.S. coast guard helicopter with hoisting rescue basket and transferring from the deck of the patrol boat a few miles offshore. This is/was periodic training between the agencies.
11-29 7:08am, received a dispatch to a swift water rescue at Harbor Blvd and the Santa Clara bridge. Officers assisted multiple agencies with the rescue of a female transient from an isolated area of the river caused by the high water. The victim was rescued via a paddle board and transported to local hospital for further evaluation for environmental exposure from the rain and storm.
12-1 4:12pm, observed a 38ft sailboat under power, not sail outbound of the harbor. Officers attempted to contact via VHF 16 to obtain the skippers intentions but were unsuccessful. The sailboat made a labored transit to the #2 entrance buoy due to the extremely rough conditions, then turn towards Anacapa Island.
12-6 9:25am, received a report of a transient sleeping in front of the business at 1400 Spinnaker. Officers responded and found a male with an encampment. He was issued a warning and gathered his belongings and moved.
12-7 7:05am, while on patrol officers observed the Santa Clara Rivermouth had breached sometime last night. It was flowing pretty heavily into the ocean.
12-8 6:40pm, while patrolling the breakwall, officers contacted several vessels engaged in hoopnetting for lobster. Various violators were issued warnings.
12-9 3:33pm, received a report of two Personal Water Crafts being operated recklessly near the Ventura Pier. Officers responded, found the violators and made contact. Educational warnings were issued to the operators.
12-10 11:19am, dispatched to a medical at Ventura West Marina D-dock. Officers responded and found the patient at the top of the gangway. The patient advised he was suffering from some broken ribs. He was eventually transported to local hospital for further evaluation after treatment.

4:45pm, received a report of a large sea lion lying on a HarborTown point dock. The reporting party wasn’t sure if the animal should be out of the water. Advised that sealions are mammals and spend about half their life out of water.

7:35pm, received a request to tow a disabled 40ft commercial fishing vessel. Officers responded and safely towed the vessel to its slip near the launch ramp.

8:05pm, while on patrol, officers received a request to tow a disabled commercial fishing vessel from the U.S. coast guard. Officers responded and took over the tow from the coast guard near the #2 entrance buoy. The vessel was safely towed to its slip in the Ventura Harbor Village I-dock.

12-11 9:45am, dispatched to a structure fire by FireCommandControl. Officers responded and assisted VFD with the call.
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