Our newly-installed City Council has made history in many ways

City Council Members Christy Weir, Lorrie Brown, Sofia Rubalcava and Cheryl Heitmann have made history. Photo by Richard Lieberman

by City Council Member Christy Weir

I am proud to serve on the Ventura City Council, which has been an example of productivity over politics, the common good over personal interests. We have had differing political views, but have worked together with civility and respect. I am grateful for our past councilmembers’ positive attitudes and professionalism. It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with outgoing councilmembers Jim Monahan, Neal Andrews and Mike Tracy.

Our newly-installed City Council has made history in many ways. First Latina, first African-American, first female majority, first district representation. Congratulations to Councilmembers Lorrie Brown, Sofia Rubalcava, Jim Friedman and Erik Nasarenko!

Fifteen years ago, there were no women serving on our City Council. I first ran for office in 2003, and was the only woman running out of 12 candidates. I served as the only woman for 8 years. I am very happy now that our Council, for the first time in our 152-year history, more fully reflects our diverse population.

We now have elections by district, but we cannot govern by district. We all serve on the City Council together, and are responsible to every citizen in Ventura. Where a person lives is only part of his or her community experience. For instance, I currently live in Midtown, but I raised my family in Montalvo. My son’s family lives in the college area and I attended Ventura College. Many of my friends live in East Ventura. I shop, work and eat downtown and on the westside. I enjoy time at the harbor and the beach. As public servants, it is our duty to care about our own neighborhoods and every square mile of this beautiful city. I look forward to working with our new City Councilmembers and our community partners as we make decisions to benefit all of our residents.

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