Vol. 12, No. 5 – Dec 5 – Dec 18, 2018 – Mailbox

Letter to the editor

Re: Homeless at 81 (article in previous Breeze by Jennifer Tipton)

Edison Electric Company in Ventura offers a medical baseline discount for people like myself. Once approved the bill does go way up the first month- using my oxygen concentrator in the first month. Month 2 the bill is shockingly low, month 3 on Edison provides a very good on going discount.

Thanks, so much Mr. Brown for publishing article. Many Ventura Breeze readers made reservations and attended Gabriel’s house fund raiser. A grateful good thanks to them.

Joan Lucas


Why can’t Carol have her own thoughts instead of lifting it from an article of CNBC? And thank you again Sheldon for considering my feelings. I didn’t realize the Breeze was to be one sided by others. My only hope is that we can agree to disagree and get some work done. If my candidate would have lost, I would have kicked off the dust and been supportive of ideas for all of our greater good.

Let’s hope we can move forward for our Veterans and homeless. Orange County is doing a really good thing in a short amount of time with industrial space to clean up their river trail. Great idea!

Thank you again for all you do. I’m sitting here with my coffee and Breeze now!

Trudy Smith


Carol is, obviously not as brilliant as you, me and Trump. Hope you didn’t spill your coffee on the Breeze.



Here he goes again!  Our Commander in Chief who insists he be treated with respect, loudly disrespects highly decorated military heroes.  Didn’t Mr. Trump learn from his debacle of criticizing Senator McCain’s military service because “I like people who didn’t get captured”!

Now he dares criticize Retired Navy Admiral William McGraven because “he didn’t capture Bin Laden sooner”!  And, in the next breath, Mr. Trump boasts how he “supports” our military.  What hypocrisy!

Judith A. Beay Ventura

Dear Folk,

Yippee!  They got him. They got him good — by the cojones!

Cohen has confessed to lying and helping Trump work with the Russians. And the Democrats have the House, so they can Impeach, unless he has that major stroke.

He looks so sick and terrified and the mouth doesn’t stop running. Never in my life have I detested anyone in this fashion. Never knew I could take pleasure in someone else’s pain.

This guy deserves everything that’s coming his way.

Let’s all go out in the middle of street and dance……Yippee Yiippy Ya

Es and Les and Doggies
Ventura, CA


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