Lorrie Brown the first representative of District 6

Lorrie was elected because she galvanized support among a base of voters.

This election cycle has brought an unprecedented number of firsts, not only was this the first district election, the winners represent the first city council female majority. In addition, Lorrie is the very first African American council member elected. These are statistics worth celebrating, however, this is not what got her elected.

Lorrie was elected because she galvanized support among a base of voters who have followed her and increased their support over the last five years. In 2013, she brought in approximately 6,883 votes and in 2016 about 10,000. This past November she won with 65% of the vote. She struck a chord with the voters and offered a fresh approach with balanced perspectives.

Brown explains her district as the NorthBank/Johnson Corridor because the district line begins at the 101 freeway and travels along the Northbank of the river on the east until it hits Rameli. Rameli takes it to Telephone, then cuts over to Montgomery. It is then topped at the 126, encompassing those who live around Kimball Park and the Government center. The district shares Victoria with District 2 on the West border and touches District 5 on the East border.

In her own words “First, I would like to thank everyone for their support of my campaign! When I walked the neighborhoods, residents seemed to be most concerned about sidewalks, trees, water rates and the Johnson Corridor and I have had these concerns myself for years. Montalvo needs sidewalks, residents want groceries not more convenience stores, Johnson drive needs revitalizing after the loss of Toys R Us and Kimball Park is still not finished.”

Lorrie as council woman elect has a big job ahead. She brings an unprecedented amount of experience to the council, bringing a decade of experience working in the public sector and a successful career in economic development, administrating public budgets for special district programs responsible for funding many city services.

She says, “I am ready for this job.”

The councilwoman elect has not only marched to victory but has demonstrated what it means to lead, even in the face of insurmountable odds, she remained a leader during tough circumstances and continued to move forward. As cited by the VC Star on November 7th, the third time proved to be a charm for Brown. This is the type of dedication the council needs.

Brown communicated that she plans to take action on the issues that matter most to her constituents and wants to: work to protect the integrity of the General Plan updates, including inclusionary housing, water infrastructure, traffic and transportation. She plans to be the voice for unpopular concerns and do everything she can to improve the city’s overall experience for merchants and residents on the Eastside and beyond. She feels this can be accomplished by seeking new ways to increase revenues.

Brown said “I believe it is very important to acknowledge that the current council has managed the tough job of keeping the City of Ventura relevant and as we move into our future we must find ways to continue to respect the natural habitat that surrounds us while identifying opportunities to be proactive, responsive and pragmatic. We need to continue to define ourselves independent of the current models that exist, which means moving Ventura’s vision forward.”

Brown would like to invite the community out to see the three new council members sworn in December 10th at 6p.m at the City Council meeting. Not only will there be three new council members there will be a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor sworn in.

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