CAPS Chat – Generosity and Spirit

Monique Limon visits ECTV’s Punto de Interes

by Elizabeth Rodeno

The holiday season is here. Sharing food with friends and family is an important community event and Ventura proved how important it is. Endless food, essentials and support have been generously provided to all in need this past year.

A One Year Thomas Fire Remembrance Event will be held Dec. 1st at the Libbey Bowl in Ojai. The event hosted by Totally Local VC will have 4 bands, food trucks and a artist’s market. There will be service organizations from around the county providing information and aid to continue to help those are recovering from the fires. It’s a good place to find resources in one place and support the community. We look forward to seeing you there. CAPS Media will continue to share our The Thomas Fire Stories with the community via video and radio in honor of those affected by the fire.

The Poinsettia Awards hosted by the Chamber honor local individuals and organizations for their service to the community and will be held December 6th at the Four Points Sheraton. These awards recognize the outstanding achievements of businesses and individuals who make a difference in our community. The Mayor’s Art Awards recently held at the Museum featured local artists and supporters of the arts. CAPS is proud to count many Mayor’s Art Award recipients over the years as members.

The events over the past several weeks have been trying for many throughout the state of California and in our backyard. Many of our close neighbors and friends experienced horrors none of us could ever comprehend. The many community groups and organizations who rose up after the Thomas Fire have mobilized to assist those in need elsewhere. The generosity of these individuals and groups is inspiring and proves that everyday people can make a difference.

We welcome the Ventura City Council that convened with the new members elected from the first district wide elections in Ventura. Our coverage on channel 15 continues as we broadcast live the City Council, Planning Commission and Design Review Committee meetings. We also rebroadcast the County of Board of Supervisors meeting.

Don’t forget we continue to air Thomas Fire Stories project every Friday at 6 and 6:30pm on CAPS Channel 6. CAPS Radio – KPPQ-LP is broadcasting them regularly on 104.1fm and on the myTuner app available on your phone and smart speaker. Tune in Thursdays at 5:30pm on KCSB 91.1fm in Santa Barbara to hear them too. These stories are informative, honest and uplifting.

KPPQ continues to educate and inform listeners everywhere. Tune in and be surprised by your community programming. Support community radio by becoming a producer, engineer or programmer. Training classes will get you on your way. You can tell your friends that you have your own radio show.

Community Member engagement is CAPS Media Center mission. We are here to support members in creating an informed and educated community through electronic media. Become a member, take the Orientation, enroll in classes and create powerful and entertaining media to share with us. Orientation classes for media makers are held the first Thursday of every month. Go to for more information.

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