New meters will automatically relay customer’s water usage

Ventura Water implements meter upgrade project.

Ventura Water will start upgrading manually-read meters with new meters that will automatically relay customer’s water usage to the City’s water billing system through a secured network. The project began on October 1, 2018 and will replace water meters for approximately 32,000 Ventura Water customers over a 3-year period.

The new meters will allow customers to track daily water use and be notified of leaks with Home Connect, a new online water tracker.  “Ventura Water relies heavily on accurate and timely data,” said Ventura Water General Manager Kevin Brown. “The meter upgrade project will modernize our system and equip both customers and staff to better manage our water resources through real time water usage data and greatly improved leak detection.”

Customers will receive a notification in the mail 1-2 weeks prior to their scheduled upgrade. The City’s contractor, Professional Meters Inc. (PMI), will be installing the new water meters. Customers do not have to be at home for the replacement to occur.  Once the exchange is complete, customers will receive a door hanger detailing the work performed and additional contact information.

The City asks that customers provide easy access to their water meters by making sure the meters are not blocked by bushes, vines, equipment, or other materials that would prevent PMI personnel from replacing the meter. Meter boxes are typically located near the sidewalk. Customers with a meter behind a locked gate or a meter that is otherwise inaccessible should call PMI at 1-866-965-0657 to schedule an appointment for the new meter installation.

PMI installers will have easily identifiable uniforms and their vehicles will have identifying logos.  If an installer cannot show you an identification badge, or if you have a concern about the identification, please call the PMI call center at 1-866-270-9629 or Ventura Water Customer Care at (805) 667-6500.

For information on Ventura Water’s Meter Upgrade Project and updates visit

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