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Hi Sheldon;

I am not sure of the name of this mall other than Burlington Coat Factory is located there at the corner of Main and Telephone Roads.  Do you know what construction is going on there and what they have planned to build there?

Thank you.

Marsha Moreland


We reached out to Dave Ward Ventura Principal Planner to get an answer.

The center, which has separate property owners (not just one which would be more typical), is undergoing overall updates:  new facades, landscape and circulation components and new uses:

New Starbucks with drive thru visually at Main/Telephone corner but access is by Chucky Cheese,

Old Hudson, demolished now, becomes a parking lot area

Next to Baja Fresh a new possible drive thru use…don’t think the operator yet decided.

Tuesday Morning moved to an expanded suite (new addition popped out on backside) next to Burlington. This part completed.

Quite an upgrade to the center indeed!

And an aside note… Aldi is proposing store in suites that include existing Starbucks and two suites next to Lamps Plus across the street, plus upgrades to parking lot and landscape and maybe some other facade changes. So that shopping center is going to see changes too!


Dave Ward

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