Vol. 11, No. 26 – Sept 26 – Oct 9, 2018 – Mailbox

I enjoyed your 9/12-9/25 edition including the article on rainwater & greywater harvesting, an important topic for our drought-prone area.
A minor correction needed on Page 8 however:
The URL for more info is misspelled; it should read “greywateraction.org”, not “grewateraction.org


Gary B.

Oh y did we leave out y?


Just wanted to drop you a thank you note regarding some comments you made about homelessness and a recent 9th Circuit Court ruling.

You comments were, in my opinion, completely spot on and I appreciate your understanding (particularly on the role and constraints on our Police Department).

Thanks again and keep up the great work…I look forward to your paper every new edition.


Quinn Fenwick

Does one life matter?
A hungry child or senior that happens to be poor did not choose poverty or going without. All lives do matter and with the aid of a few good people, lives could be enhanced greatly-and yes with charity.
We (those of us) that live in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties can do good works to end hunger right where we live.
Take an example of a woman living in the deep south (southern USA) that worked her whole life to save enough money and create a food share program to feed hungry children. She collects donated food, she prepares meals (300) of them and drives 100 miles a day to make deliveries. Why? Because she feels it is her duty.
Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties are among the most prosperous counties in California and yet there are 1000’s of families that go to bed hungry—something is wrong with this picture and some good-hearted souls will come together and change the outlook for many disadvantaged people. Yes, it will take some organization, planning, and execution, but, this writer will volunteer his time to help organize—
Jay North Ojai


Just wanted to say thank you for running the press release about our free Tai Chi classes for seniors. With your help, they have filled up which always makes the volunteers teaching them feel accomplished, appreciated and like they are making a difference. They truly do. We couldn’t do it without your help.

Thank you.



The current administrations acceptance of Neo-Nazi, Fascist, and White Supremacist ideals will never make America great again.

Critical thinking, an informed citizenry, fair and just implementation of law, is what is required to overcome what ails our country. A good start would be to undo Citizens United, including changing the Electoral College to a popular vote system, free access to healthcare and education for all, raising taxes on corporations and wealthy individuals in order to support socially responsible programs and maintain the infrastructure is what will make the country a better place for all.


Readers: The Breeze accepts all opinions as long as they use acceptable language and are not inflammatory. Let’s hear from those who agree or disagree with JB. We don’t usually put in letters with only initials but JB requested that so we did.

We must bring our own light to the darkness.
~ Charles Bukowski

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