Ventura City Fire Department presents launch of Medic Engine 7

Photo by Michael Gordon

Fire Chief David Endaya, Fire Captain Lou Manzano, Firefighter/ Paramedic Hermès Carbajal , Fire Engineer Logan Hughes(peeking out) and Assistant Fire Chief Matt Brock at the launch of ME7.

On Tuesday August 7, at Fire Station 1, located at 717 N. Ventura Ave. the Ventura City Fire Department presented the official launch of Medic Engine 7 (ME7), the Department’s new 40-hour per week Roving All-Hazards Fire Engine Company.

ME7 is designed provide additional resources during peak incident hours and will be available to respond to all types of emergencies, provide station coverage, improve departmental training opportunities, and provide additional community risk reduction to the citizens of Ventura. The vehicle features roll-up, aluminium doors, not unlike roll-up gortite doors that are durable, space-efficient and secure; they are common on emergency vehicles such as this.


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