Ventura City Council Adopts Fireworks Social Host Ordinance

The Ventura City Council adopted a Fireworks Social Host Ordinance during its regular meeting on June 18, 2018.  Under the new ordinance, any homeowner, renter, or person in charge of a residence or other private property who knows or should know of the sale, use, and/or possession of any fireworks on private property are subject to a civil penalty levied by the City of Ventura.

The Social Host is responsible for the sale, use, and/or possession of fireworks on their property by anyone on their property. The ordinance pertains to any person who hosts, organizes, supervises, officiates, conducts, or accepts responsibility for a gathering on private property.

Violators in the city of Ventura can be reported online, by emailing video of the alleged use of fireworks to the Ventura Police Department.  The Ventura Police will be sending out more information on the reporting process in the next week.

“Illegal fireworks are a safety issue,” said Police Chief Ken Corney.  “The new ordinance provides another disincentive to use illegal fireworks.” Ventura police and fire departments will be patrolling neighborhoods throughout the city of Ventura on July 4th to keep citizens and their property safe and enforce the City’s ordinances.

“Put the community first,” said Fire Chief David Endaya.  “Extreme drought conditions and tinder-dry brush are dangerous. I am asking every resident and visitor in Ventura to keep our city safe and be considerate of your neighbors. Do not use fireworks.”

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