Vol. 11, No. 16 – May 9 – May 22, 2018 – Movie Review

Avengers: Infinity War
Review: 3.5 Palm trees out of 4

by Manuel Reynoso

Avengers: Infinity War is a 2018 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics team the Avengers. Produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Avengers: Infinity War stars an ensemble cast of the previous Marvel films.

With Thanos finally making his move to gather the infinity stones, It’s up to the heroes of Earth and beyond to stop him before he unleashes the terrible might of the 6 infinity stones.

Even as someone who has always been in the periphery of the Marvel movie hype, I still can’t help but feel Infinity War had this monumental feel to it. It’s been ten years since audiences have been introduced to the movie magic that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and for it to coalesce into a single ensemble cast film really is a feat. I went in expecting a film about earth’s mightiest heroes banding together to take down the big baddie; but what I got was a film about loss, dire consequences, and the misguided journey of a single being.

With a cast this large, there was a few issues with pacing throughout the film, particularly within the first hour. As each character was introduced, it was jarring being pulled from one situation to another in just a single cut, especially with each situation being so tonally different. These issues with pacing does not do the film any favors, as the already extremely long run time feels much longer as a result. Thankfully, the problem mostly goes away as soon as the big baddie of the film, Thanos, takes center stage. It’s from here where Infinity War really hits its stride.

I don’t think it’s misleading to say this isn’t so much a story about the Avengers as it is about Thanos. I feel like it’s this change in direction that made this film so much more interesting than the previous Marvel films. The journey of this story is not about a hero this time around, but about its villain. It’s his growth that we see, his motivation, and ultimately his story playing on the screen. Thanos steals the show, and hopefully we start to see more intricate villains such as himself and Killmonger.

Infinity War also played with much heavier themes than the previous films. Loss will be the main recurring theme of this film, and it is something the film does a surprisingly good job at portraying. Every action in this film has consequences, and the emotional weight these themes carry really emphasis that. But, being a Marvel film, it wasn’t all doom and gloom the whole time. So for better or worse, there were still plenty one liners and silly quips throughout the film. While some nail it, particular Chris Pratt and Tom Holland, many others fall flat.

Fans of the previous films have been waiting a decade for Infinity War, and it accomplished being one of the best films of the series. As a stand-alone film, it has its problems. The length, pacing, and the usual cliché writing of Marvel films may dissuade some movie goers. However for me, the sheer scale of this film made it a wild and fun ride from beginning to end, and for the first time I find myself eagerly awaiting the next film in the Avengers line up. PG-13 2h29m

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