Traveler Cafe

Lara and Tony have created a unique eating establishment.

by James Francis Gray

The MacIsaac family persevered through life’s most difficult challengers to open Traveler Café, located at 1070 E. Front St.

Traveler Café, founded by three generations of the MacIsaac family— Grandfather, Robert MacIsaac, first, who passed away in February of 2018, Father, Tony MacIsaac, second and daughter, Lara MacIsaac, third. They began with a common desire to create a unique eating establishment here in the Ventura area.

Lara’s parents, Tony and Jennifer, were vital in the very beginning, designing the restaurant and negotiating the lease, etc. Lara, from day one, handled the day-to-day operations.

A gathering place of comfort where food is prepared from scratch, served with warmth and a friendly smile. Customers are their family and family is always first.

After Lara earned a B.A in History from California State University, Channel Islands the family decided to open Traveler Café. It took almost one year before settling on the Front street location. Everyone pitched in, Tony, his wife, Jennifer, Lara and grandfather, all working long hours to achieve a set goal.

The newly restored establishment is in its second year, bringing a joyful eating experience to Ventura.

The café is inspired both, as individuals and as a family of world travelers. They do their own baking from scratch and smoke the meats on the premises. They create delicious recipes to ensure the tastiest worldwide culinary experiences.

Comfort inside and out, offer a special dining delight. The inside design has a collection of posters and knick-knacks from their world travels and have added customer travel photos, too. The dog friendly outdoor patio is a perfect spot for pet lovers.

High quality is tops with the Traveler Café patrons, new customers and anyone who walks through the friendly doors.

Traveler Café initially featured an eclectic menu. A new expanded menu, now offered to all by their best professional staff of cooks, bakers and friendly servers. They cannot thank enough, their dedicated staff and employees for making Traveler Café a success.

Traveler Café is and continues to be a wonderful and heartwarming success.

On April 28 , 2-4pm Ventura Food Coop will present a free workshop “Living Food” at Harvest Café. Discussion led by Michelle Lopez Dohrn and Susan Cousineau.

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