City of Ventura to replace Downtown parking pay stations with new, improved model

The City of Ventura is replacing Downtown parking pay stations with a new, improved model that is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The new technology offers enhanced screen displays and options for future software upgrades such as pay-by-cell. There are no changes to the current parking program rates and hours of operation.

Much like cell phones and computers, pay stations and pay station system technologies are rapidly evolving. The current base operating system on the original pay stations will no longer be in compliance with the PCI DSS therefore, the pay stations will be replaced. This recommendation is supported by the Downtown Parking Advisory Committee.

All net revenue from the parking pay stations goes back into Downtown and funds a police officer who is dedicated to making downtown a safer and cleaner place to visit. Parking revenue was recently used to install security cameras, lighting upgrades, and other improvements. The pay stations help to create turnover and open parking spaces allowing customers to find parking close to merchants.

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