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I had just picked up the paper at AAA while waiting to do a registration. I knew that one (contest photo). I really enjoy your paper and sometimes mail a copy to a friend who moved away. I refer to it as the best paper in town for news around town. Thank you for all you do on that. Its hard work. People don’t realize that.
Karen Spoentgen


Concerning one of the 859 new laws in California: Schools in low-income communities must provide tampons and other sanitary products to students in grades 6 to 12.

The collection of property taxes determines where low-income people live. The State of California collects those property taxes and now, much to my satisfaction, distributes those school taxes equally to all school districts.

Before, as with most of the 50 states, the communities received back school funds based on their collection. That left low-income communities receiving back the funds based on their collection, which causes a non-equal and inadequate education. Thus, an unequal preparation for those children to give back to society instead of taking from society.

Currently low-income school districts are repairing/building class rooms, hiring more teachers to reduce the number in each class, and purchasing the equipment needed for students to prepare for our digital world.

Oh, and supplying health supplies to all; be they bandages or tampons.

Instead of causing confusion, and possible complaints, to your readers with the above question it might behoove you to answer the question.

There are so many non-readers. Most information people learn is from television or on-line media, or even from the uneducated. Several years ago CA passed the law that if you had to turn on your windshield wipers then you must turn on your lights. It is a difficult issue to ‘ticket’; but not a difficult use of ‘common sense’.

We’ve all forgotten to Read! I enjoy your paper and your personal column.

Diane, Ventura

Thanks you have answered my question quite well.

Hi Breezy:

Thank you so much for all you did to help us surprise Lynn with the ad( Lynn’s Consignments 1975 E. Main St). And thank you especially for taking the time to go out and deliver copies to her. She — and we — were so grateful. Lynn did tell me that the Grand Opening was wonderful and that she had a steady stream of customers coming in that day and that most of those customers came in with a copy of the Breeze ad in their hands.

Many thanks for all your help, dedication and caring.



There are many a fellow drivers out and about nowadays, more than there are pedestrians at least… In my travels I have had many close calls, however a recent encounter has shook me down to the core. I was heading up Loma Vista in my 1980 piece of car. As soon as Walnut dr. Came into view, I signaled. As I started to enter the middle lane as usual, a car coming from Day rd. Down Loma Vista was also entering the middle lane. WHOA! We were practically kissing bumpers with our cars! If i had not been paying attention(i.e. texting, applying mascara, breastfeeding my twins), we would have collided head on. Thank you anonymous driver for being a good driver. My reason for writing is to bring this potentially hazardous intersection to light. I believe if the right set of eyes read this, there is a good chance the situation could be rectified before someone wrecks or dies.

Laurie Garcia

Open Letter to Mayor Andrews and Ventura Council Members:

We can’t believe the Staff Report recommending Alternative 2 to the Ventura City Council on Monday, February 26, to delay a decision to join Clean Power Alliance.

Staff is basically advising Council to force everyone to continue with the higher Edison bills instead of having a choice for lower bills from the Clean Power Alliance even though that decision forces all to pay extra for the dirtiest energy in the marketplace! It’s incredible.

We recommend that Ventura join the Clean Power Alliance and develop a just and equitable plan that sets the default at 100% renewable energy (currently that rate is 7% higher than Edison’s base tier). We want all rate-payers to know the value of buying 100% renewable energy and know too that they have the option to opt to a cheaper rate. This is particularly important for low-income residents who can also access programs to further reduce their bills.

Venturans want cleaner energy and many, including large commercial ratepayers, would support a small increase for clean energy. Having the default at a high level will result in extra franchise fees for the city to invest. We need funds for climate disaster preparedness, such as flood prevention and battery storage at community facilities to meet neighborhood needs during a blackout. Above all, we want Ventura to be guided by the principles of a Climate Action Plan that highlights a goal for 100% renewable energy.

– Ventura County Climate Hub/ Ventura 350

On Feb.28 the Ventura City Council voted 4-2 to join the Clean Power Alliance of Southern California. City Council Member Christy Weir was enthusiastic about the idea and said “Renewables are the future. This is our chance. Why would we pass it up?”

Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.
~ Albert Camus

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