1st Place, 32nd Annual Open Competition, 2018 While the World Burns by Veronica Lambert

A mini open competition at the Buenaventura Gallery. Deadline midnight Saturday, March 3.
On Exhibit March 14 – April 14. Reception Saturday, March 17, 5-7pm.

Many paintings have a unique story behind them. A particular event, person, location, or incident that sticks in the artist’s memory and has to come out via paint or other medium. Stories lets you explore your subject visually and in writing.Submit your artwork of any medium and write a few sentences telling the ‘story’ of the artwork. Your story will be printed beside your piece, to only be revealed at the viewer’s discretion.

Entries will be judged by artwork only and not the story.
You must submit the story of your piece to be considered for acceptance.
Juror Rex Kochel: http://kochelart.com/

For entry details go to Online Entry at website BuenaventuraGallery.org.

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