A true homegrown and handcrafted company

A family business run by Ryan, his wife Davina and his close friends.

by Lyvonne Klinger

The DeCants have built the non-profit, Industry Horror from the ground up with a passion for giving people gifted with special needs a place to feel safe and become independent, contributing members of our society. Industry Horror is a small, grass roots, family business run by Ryan, his wife Davina and his close friends for over 7 years.

A true homegrown and handcrafted company Ryan has found a way to evolve his workspace into an environment where he can design and print his work while training and employing a small staff of only special needs people.

He stated “Our goal is to provide awareness and resources as well as encouragement and confidence for the autistic and special needs community. As we face the challenges of trying to grow our non-profit business into a well-known hub for special needs people to participate in a creative environment while learning to become self-supporting to whatever degree they can be, we are confident that with some help from our community we can make this company a place of hope and fulfillment. “

He went on to say “I find it very easy to be passionate about life, when feeding on its dreams. It’s not so much the hope of mankind that I am worried about, it is the lack of self-reflection and the decline of the pursuit of knowledge. The future is now. And the world is at our finger tips.”

They are located at 518 E Main St, Ventura.

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