Vol. 10, No. 3 – Nov 8 – Nov 21, 2017 – Opinion/Editorial

•  As you probably know, the State has mandated that Ventura selects councilmembers by districts, and not at-large. The City Council is working to make this happen.

I certainly agree that more racial diversity on the council is important. But I do not agree with those appearing at City Council meetings saying that they are underserved in Ventura because we have an all-white City Council.

I have not observed our City Council slighting areas of Ventura because of the “whiteness” of the members or appear to not consider the needs of all citizens. Though, I do agree that more minority representation on the Council would be a good thing so that all Venturan’s feel that they are represented equally.

A good example of this is the Westside. When people on the Westside requested a new park, the Council took action and found the funds to create Kellogg Park.

The Westside contains one of the most comprehensive, and most utilized parks in Ventura, Westpark. It provides the only public indoor basketball court in Ventura, the Boys and Girls Club, what was one of only two city libraries (we will soon have a third), a senior center and a bike path to Ojai. .

Having districts still might not make the council more diverse, though, as only voting will do that. According to “city-data.com” Ventura is 25% Hispanic, which is about 27,000 residents. This is much more than enough voters needed to put a Hispanic member on the council.

•  I don’t understand why some folks put out all three of their trash cans on pick-up day. If they can’t remember which two cans will be picked up, they can just look up and down the street to see what neighbors have done.

•  Funny regulation that doesn’t seem to make sense: A neighbor got sited by the city for parking his boats on his driveway – but on gravel. Ventura ordinance says, “All driveways, drive aisles, parking areas, and accesses to such parking areas required by this chapter, as well as all outdoor display areas for vehicles and all outdoor storage areas, shall be completely surfaced with asphalt or Portland cement concrete surfacing or other acceptable surfacing materials, including permeable materials such as block pavers, as approved by the city engineer. Adequate drainage shall be provided for all such surfaced and paved areas in accordance with the requirements of the building official and the city engineer.”

As a result, his boats, that were parked about 20 feet back from the street, had to be moved right up to the sidewalk for all to see.

•  The Ventura City Council is continuing to decide how to spend the rest of this year’s money coming from our recently passed sales tax. Voters approved Measure O in November, and it is expected to bring in about $10.8 million per year.

There is an oversight committee that makes recommendations to the council on how to spend the money. Even though the council is not legally bound by the committee’s recommendations, it is good that the committee continues to advise the council on how to best use the money on our behalf.

These are the committee members:

Kathlene Bokoloes, Marni Brook, Kristopher Hansen, Bill Hickman, David Jaffe, Jordana Ybarra-Telias and Mary Laurel Rutledge

Their next meeting is on November 9, 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM in the Community Meeting Room at City Hall. You are welcome to attend and speak.

•  Breeze writer Paul Peterson will continue to write about the legalization of marijuana in California and how Ventura is dealing with it.

Regarding a recent City meeting to discuss marijuana he stated, “We were the only media represented and were called out for special recognition for the story we did, and that the sequel is eagerly awaited. A woman held up the paper in the crowd (room was pretty full) and said, “I hope everyone sees this in our Breeze.” I spoke with Jeff Lambert, Ventura’s Community Development Director, before and after the meeting and we agreed to talk more. He also introduced me as “repping” the Breeze and we got applause. I have offered to help them sort out things because I have invested time in all these confabs. He seemed eager to accept my input. The crowd was 100% for cannabis and no naysayers were in sight. There were quite a few of medical patients there to testify.”

To hear my radio show on KPPQLP 104.1 fm discussing marijuana regulations in Ventura and other cities and states, got to www.venturabreeze.com “Face of Ventura” (by the top) and listen to the show Cannibis (show 014).

•  On Oct. 23, it was hotter here than in Death Valley (102 vs 100). If I had known that, I would have gone there to cool off.

•  I know that people-kill-people and not guns, but it sure is easier for people to kill people if they can shoot 600 of them from the 32nd floor of a nearby hotel in a matter of minutes.

I have changed my mind about the second amendment being law. I think that we should adhere to it but it should just allow single shot guns available in 1791 when it was passed.

•  I don’t understand people that say professional athletes should just play sports, shut-up and not express their opinions about politics or anything else. They have the same rights to their opinions as you and me. Blame the media (and Trump) for making a big deal out of their opinions if you want to blame someone.

There is much concern about some athletes expressing their views by not acting properly while the National Anthem is played at sporting events. To me, the answer is quite simple – don’t play the anthem at sporting events. I don’t understand why it is played to begin with. What does it have to do with a sporting event?

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