Vol. 10, No. 3 – Nov 8 – Nov 21, 2017 – Mailbox


I recently took the train to San Diego (nice trip by the way) but was shocked to see the amount of graffiti that the train passed as we went through Ventura. What an awful introduction to Ventura. Can’t something be done to get rid of it?

Sharon Gold

Sharon: This is a tough one because this is on private property and on Union Pacific easement the City graffiti removal department can’t do anything about it. The property owners can be sited and made to remove it but that just never happens and requires permission, etc. from Union Pacific. When you see graffiti on public property call the City of Ventura’s Graffiti Removal Hotline number at 654-7805, they are very good at taking care of it quickly.


I have many, but here’s a good one – I don’t think the stores should put out Christmas stuff in October, why can’t we just enjoy one holiday at a time?!?!?

Alfred Lewis


Some stores had Christmas up in September. How about a year-round Christmas store so the other stores could focus on the present holiday? It’s hard enough to find Thanksgiving things among the costumes and lit trees.

Fall decor went on clearance after what seemed like just a few weeks. I protest!

Shirley Lorraine

Ooops, this photo was in our last issue and credit was given to the wrong photographer it was taken by Bernie Goldstein, sorry Bernie.



My opinion is that opinions are very opinionated.

Kenneth May

Kenneth: How esoteric. You are a great thinker.

Knowledge isn’t power until it is applied.
~ Dale Carnegie

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