Vol. 11, No.1 – Oct 11 – Oct 24, 2017 – Mailbox


You thought the three-strike law (sic) prevents this scenario? Really? An editor who can’t distinguish between arrests and convictions?

Fred Pierce

Fred: Worse even I’m the publisher-editor. Thanks for the clarification. That is what you were doing correct?

Dear Editor:

I have something I must say… Why don’t people call or talk to each other anymore? There are many folks these days that appear to be so attached to their devices that social skills have fallen by the wayside! Between social media and texting there is an apparent disconnect of humankind. I have called friends only to get a text message back and others have told me they only text and won’t answer their phone or return voice mails. It seems so impersonal and robotic. I asked one friend (in a text) – “why don’t people talk to each other anymore?” (hint hint) and she responded with yet another text so long she could probably have published it as a short novel. Texting contains no inflection of the words sent, therefore interpretation is up to the recipient. I have observed entire families dining out and instead of talking with one another, they are each on their individual devices, except for the young ones who appear so lonely and lost, the eyes pleading for human interaction. It’s so sad!

Jennifer Tipton Ventura

Jennifer: Couldn’t agree more. Recently I was having lunch and a couple was sitting next to me with 2 teen age kids and all 4 staring at their phones the entire time while eating. How sad for the lack of communicating.


The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.
~ Bertrand Russell

Congratulations to the Ventura Breeze

I want to thank all of these folks for the kind words celebrating our ten years. Congratulations certainly need to include all of the wonderful Breeze staff over the years who made this all possible.


If there is anything worth noting in town Sheldon is there with his signature blue cap and camera. The Breeze is the go to paper for what’s happening in town- thank you Sheldon!!! Happy Birthday!

Michael and Angela- Very Ventura

Very Ventura

Sheldon is . . .

Approachable, but prefers not to approach.

One who speaks his mind.

A lover of writing, responding and conversing.

The last one to leave a conversation.

Dedicated and softly determined.

Proof of the impact one person can have on a community.

Thank you Sheldon!

Debbie Fox Fox -Fine Jewelry

Hearty and heartfelt congratulations on 10 years of publishing the Ventura Breeze! The Breeze has truly become a treasure to the city of Ventura. It wouldn’t be possible without your wonderful dedication, guidance, and caring for the audience you serve so well. To you and all your staff, congratulations and keep up the great work!

Your friends at Cypress Place Senior Living

Mike Macke -Senior Director of Sales & Marketing

Wow. Ten years already? Congrats Sheldon! You and the Breeze newspaper are part of what makes Ventura a great community.

Best regards,

Lysa Urban

Have always loved reading the Breeze. The local coverage is so important to our community. Let’s us all keep up on what is going on in Ventura!

Cheryl Heitmann -Ventura City Council

I am so grateful to have The Breeze in our community. I look forward to reading it cover to cover every couple weeks. Thank you Sheldon and Breezy for bringing us the best newspaper in Ventura!

Ashley Pope -SpiceTopia

Congratulations Sheldon and thank you Ventura Breeze for 10 years of reporting on important local issues and fostering a stronger community through information that is accessible to all citizens.

Mark Watkins -Ventura City Manager

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years! The Ventura Breeze is the perfect Hometown Newspaper! Grateful for you Sheldon and the Breeze team.

Adela Trainor- Berkshire Hathaway

Golden Future Expos sends a huge congratulations to the Ventura Breeze Newspaper on their 10 years of success! You are a tremendous asset and source of information to the community … here’s to 10 more!”

Toyia Moore- Event Director

When my husband and I moved to Ventura years ago, the Ventura Breeze was my go-to paper to discover the ins and outs of this sweet town. We’ve come to love this beachside gem and the wonderful people who live here! Thank you Sheldon for making us feel so quickly part of this awesome community.

Teryn Bonime -Keller Williams Realty

I want to say Congratulations to the Breeze on 10 years. Your information and entertainment is essential to Ventura. We love the Breeze!

Christine Cardoso-Moore- RE Broker KW West Ventura County

I love the Breeze not only as a reader to catch up on lighthearted local news, but also as an advertiser, it represents what Ventura is… a friendly, small town with a heart.

Melody O’Leary-Namikas -Berkshire Hathaway

Thank you for the shout outs that help our nonprofit spay and neuter hundreds of animals. Your pet page is a big hit! I was reading it long before we started placing ads with Breezy. You keep us informed on what is happening in Ventura. Big Thanks!

Valerie Bereman – SPAN Thrift Store

The Breeze is the most honored Newspaper. Not because it reports, but it reports for others!

The Breeze is a Great Local Newspaper. It networks for all local shoppers!

Susie Lamey -Heritage Honey

I can’t believe it has been 10 years that you have been published! I am so incredibly proud of you. What an accomplishment!! Who would have thought that with the help of your “wonderful daughter”, your idea would manifest into an essential platform for this community!

I thank the staff that has continuously supported you and many thanks to the community who “loves” and supports the Ventura Breeze! It just goes to show, that if anyone has an idea-go for it!

Staci Brown- Publisher Emeritus and “wonderful daughter”

Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary! We all love the Breeze newspaper!!!!

Cherryl Connally -Island Packers

I can’t believe it has already been 10 years since the Breeze has published its 1st paper. From the moment I met you, I was impressed with your vision, tenacity and passion for the City of Ventura. The Breeze has proven to be Ventura’s hometown paper. From the beginning, you were determine to get Ventura news in our homes and that is exactly what has happened. Because of you, we can celebrate the happenings taking place in our city. You include the items that are important to us and for this I am very grateful. I could not image the city of Ventura without The Breeze. Thank you for your incredible contribution to our community.


Pastor Jim Duran

Happy 10th Birthday Ventura Breeze!! 10 years is pretty miraculous for any paper – especially one that is free! I am extremely grateful to be a part of this unique, local paper. This is a community effort and I’d like to express my gratitude to all our supporters, advertisers, readers, everybody involved in the making of each issue, as there are so many, and of course Scamp (RIP), Sheldon and Diane. You’re making history!

Breezy Gledhill -Senior Account Executive

We smaller clubs and organizations thank you for always posting local activities, speakers, and continuing growth programs available to our community. Our American Contract Bridge League Unit offers games and classes for every level of bridge enthusiast. Sheldon, maybe we can get you to the tables soon !! Thank you as always.

Susan Lang

Sheldon’s sense of humor always puts me in a better mood-never know

what he is going to do or say like a box of chocolate, never know what you’re going to get 🙂

Connie De La Rosa- Contributing Writer

Congratulations Sheldon on achieving this significant milestone! In the past ten years, you have done a wonderful job growing your organization and covering the news in our community. It is always such a pleasure reading the Breeze and getting up-to-date on the who-what-when-where and why of Ventura. I also want to thank you for your community support of the non-profits here. Your generous coverage makes a big difference. Here’s to the next ten years!

Warmest regards,

Barbara Brown -BBM&D Strategic Branding,

Wow ten years of pure excellence! Happy Anniversary Sheldon. Thanks for your commitment to provide excellence in your articles about our community. I am humbled by your dedication to the nonprofit community as you continue to report the importance of each.

Congratulations my friend and here’s is too another ten!

Be kind to one another

Jann Huling

Happy 10th Anniversary Ventura Breeze! Thank you for your coverage of local events and happenings. A special thank you for always including some news about the Ventura Art & Street Painting Festival. Congratulations to Sheldon and staff for all of your efforts. I am looking forward to the next 10 years!

Barbara Hinton -Founder and Director Ventura Art & Street Painting Festival

My wife, Trisha and I were having lunch with friends at Spencer Makenzie’s Fish Company on Thompson in Ventura way back then. We were reading the first issue of the Ventura Breeze newspaper. Congratulations on giving us a great local newspaper. Wow, ten years, where did the time go? Hats off for you and Staci. Your wife has to be a Saint, too.


James Francis Gray -Contributing Writer

The comment I hear the most about The Ventura Breeze is that it’s truly Our Hometown Newspaper. I always answer back, “The very Soul of Ventura”.

Karen Helen- Distribution

When I first heard about the Breeze, I said, That dude is crazy!

And I was right, but that’s not a bad thing.

The Breeze is a joy to read, and a real hometown paper.

Sheldon is even crazy enough to let me write for him occasionally, and I am grateful for the opportunity.

Jill Forman -Contributing Writer

Congratulations to you and the entire Ventura Breeze team — 10 years is an incredible run! Thanks for your service to this community in covering local news, big and small, and for making sure important issues were covered in a fair and impartial manner. I always look forward to picking up my copy of the Breeze and seeing what’s on the Publisher’s mind!

Matt LaVere -Ventura City Council

The Breeze is truly a hometown newspaper. Sheldon and his team have a pulse on what is important to Venturans and they produce a publication that speaks to us as locals; even if for some, we haven’t been here for generations.

Jeffrey Lambert, AICP -Ventura Community Development Director

Sheldon Brown is handsome, wonderful and brilliant. I love drawing for the Breeze for 10 years.

Bill Green- editorial cartoonist (remember I’m being funny about handsome, wonderful and brilliant)

Sheldon is amazing and wonderful and a joy to work with, he is much too old to be doing this.

Richard Lieberman- rather old himself Contributing Writer

10 years is a wow! Sheldon is amazing and a joy to work for…! But in my own words: So proud to be a part of the Ventura Breeze! As a registered nurse for many years, being given the opportunity to explore new horizons and to pursue a passion for writing combined with my passion for people and my hometown? Priceless! Happy 10th anniversary Sheldon! It’s been such a privilege-best boss ever!

Jennifer Tipton –contributing writer

Bob Barker had just retired and the O.C. and the Sopranos had just ended. Unfortunately for all, Keeping up with the Kardashians had just premiered and Donald Trump and Vince McMahon were going head-to-head on WWE’s WrestleMania 23 “The Battle of the Billionaires”. Media was a shambles, thus 2007 was known as the “great void”. Sheldon knew he had to do something to fill it…thus the Ventura Breeze was born. Instantly his enterprise was named Small Business of the Year. And the great void was filled. Amen.

Murray Robertson

Sheldon Brown is the quintessential Man About Town, keeping local Venturans informed on what is happening politically, socially, and culturally. He is at every event in town, keeping tabs on the pulse of VTA, and happy to engage with anyone who approaches him. Thank you for your excellent journalism and for offering us a free paper! One more quick note of appreciation: your unabashed opinion section that is infused with hearty doses of Sheldon humor! Keep it coming!

Beth Morris -(who wishes she could beat Sheldon on the tennis court)

I’ve been reading the Breeze since it was an infant, a toddler and now a precocious pre-teen, which means ‘talented’, ‘articulate’, and “having mature qualities at an unusually early age.”

All this and more from a talented, articulate and mature senior named Sheldon. Can hardly wait what the Breeze will be like as a smartphoned, pierced and tattooed teenager.

John Hankins- journalist

In this age of digital media and shrinking community news, it’s been a pleasure having the Breeze in Ventura the past decade. Happy anniversary, and please keep the ink flowing.

Erik Nasarenko -Ventura Mayor

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